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Game Roundup for 12/4/2009

Chgowiz revisits the wargaming roots of D&D and analyzes their impact on the then burgeoning fantasy roleplaying hobby.

Remember the eighties fantasy movie Krull? So does blogger Blackrazor, who has statted several of the movie’s foes for D&D.

Speaking of fond memories, Louis Porter Design has just released several “lost classes” for Paizo’s Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, including (“Fear not!”) the Thief-Acrobat. They’re all available at

In more Pathfinder news, Monte Cook, one of the forces behind the third edition of D&D, has just announced that he’ll be writing a module for the Pathfinder Fantasy Roleplaying Game. is giving away one year playtime of The Age of Conan MMORPG. Contest details at their website.

Players are discussing using Assassin’s Creed as the basis for a D&D campaign at the ENWORLD forums.

Find out what neuromarketing can teach us about creating memorable characters.

Berin Kinsman reviews the Big Damn Heroes sourcebook for the Serenity roleplaying game. Is it shiny?

Here are some great tips on using real-life locations in your own roleplaying games.

Want to really surprise your players? Check out this 19th century guide to creating paper castles.

Ben Gilbert of Joystiq shares a rumor that virtual versions of your favorite gaming conventions may be coming soon to Xbox Live. If true, gamers will be able to visit virtual booths and interact with demos of upcoming products.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun confirms that the upcoming Warhammer 40K MMORPG will features space marines, among other things.

Check out a teaser trailer of multiplayer action from the soon to be released Alien vs. Predator video game.

A new study suggests that forcing players to use “evil” avatars can prime them for antisocial behavior online.

The Cimmerian reports that due to a disagreement with Conan Properties, Mongoose Publishing will no longer produce products the Conan Roleplaying Game.

Cosplayers bring Bioshock to life at the Georgia Aquarium.

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