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Game Roundup For December 25, 2009

This week’s links include the sad tale of a former gaming superstar, good news for the gaming industry, and tips on giving your fourth edition D&D game that “Old School” feel.
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Rogue Games has just published The Haunted Chateau, an adventure by James Maliszewksi, whose blog Grognardia is considered one of the leading lights in the “old school renaissance” tabletop gaming movement.

Interplay and Bethesda games continue their legal battle over a proposed Fallout MMORPG.

2K Games has announced another installment of DLC for surprise video game hit Borderlands: Mad Moxxie’s Underdome Riot.

Here’s an interesting essay on the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and the changes it has brought to the gaming lexicon.

Publisher Green Ronin is now accepting pre-orders for an officially licensed tabletop roleplaying game based on Dragon Age.

Found video footage: an evangelical minister rails against Pokemon.

Gratuitous self promotion: I’ve uploaded a short video extolling the virtues of Reaper Miniatures’ Legendary Encounters line.

Sega has announced that series veteran Lance Henriksen will reprise his role as Bishop in the upcoming Aliens vs. Predator video game.

A blogger argues persuasively against scaling your campaign world to your players’ low level characters.

You can sponsor a subscription to Kobold Quarterly for a soldier or other person in military service through the magazine’s Adopt-A-Soldier program.

Just in time for the holidays, Penny Arcade shows us how the Illithid stole Lolthmas.

Wired magazine looks at the rise and fall of Duke Nukem.

Kotaku reports that gaming industry employment levels actually rose in 2009.

How to give fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons an “Old School” feel.