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Library of Congress “What If” SF / F Forum Presents: Ekaterina Sedia

This Tuesday, Library of Congress’s “What If” Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum Presents featured Ekaterina Sedia, the author of The Secret History of Moscow, and The Alchemy of Stone. Over the course of thirty minutes, she discussed the importance of cities in fantastic literature, and then explored a number of aspects regarding alternate-history and urban history, and then took questions. After the talk, both the author and a number of attendees went out to lunch, and then were treated to a walking tour through both the Jefferson and Madison buildings, at times using the underground tunnels connecting them . . .

Ekaterina Sedia and Christopher Sedia

The Underground Tunnels

A Group Shot of Attendees, including Tom Doyle, Renee Farrah, Craig Gidney, Stephen H. Segal, Sean Wallace

Ekaterina Sedia, and her publisher, Sean Wallace

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