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Steampunk Links for January 1, 2010

Gary Heller talks about the Museum of the History of Science in NYC steampunk exhibit.

Beneath Gray Skies reviews Chenda and the Airship Brofman by Emilie P. Bush.

Fantasy Literature reviews Kage Baker’s Not Less Than Gods.

Is steampunk a subgenre of fantasy or SF, the editor of Distant Worlds asks.

More steampunk objects from the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford.

Gail Dayton is giving away a copy each of Hearts of Blood and New Blood which she describes as: “‘steampunk’ fantasy romances set in the Victorian era–which is pretty much the definition of steampunk. It’s speculative fiction–whether it has vampires, magic or clankety futuristic machinery to create the speculative elements. These books have magic, no vampires, and clankety machine creatures.”

As always, people are asking What is steampunk, including Dessert Girl, who displays several fabulous steampunk cakes.

Photos from the Great Dickens Christmas Fair.

Favorite steampunk shopping: an octopi collage, a raku raygun, a