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What We’re Up To: Partnering With Powell’s Books

As you may have noticed in the past month or two, Fantasy Magazine is up to all sorts of things in our ongoing quest to be the premier fantasy-oriented site on the Internet. Upcoming events include a new website with cool new community features, a web-comic by Chris Douglas called “Antallan Tales,” a month-long focus on games in August, features focusing on crafts and visual media, more micro-fiction and Blog for a… contests, all combined with a continued emphasis on great fantasy fiction, including stories from Tanith Lee, Nancy Kress, and Norman Spinrad.

One of the things we try to do is look to the future and so we’ve chosen to switch our book-selling affiliation to Powell’s Books, located in Portland, Oregon, where it occupies an entire city block. Powell’s is one of the world’s great bookstores and it’s closely affiliated with the speculative fiction community — look on its home page right now, for example, to see an upcoming signing with Fantasy Magazine author Camille Alexa, whose “Shades of White and Road” appears in our pages as well as in her collection, Push of the Sky.

If you want to support us in our drive to supply you with an unending supply of the best in fantasy fiction and nonfiction, please click through every once in a while and buy from Powell’s, knowing that you’re supporting both a fine independent bookstore and this magazine. Thanks!

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