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Press Release: Zombies: The Recent Dead

Prime Books will publish Zombies: The Recent Dead this October. Edited by Paula Guran, the anthology looks at the first iconic monster of the twenty-first century. In the last decade, the pop-cultural war for the hearts and minds of the masses has been won by creatures who want to eat our hearts and minds. The zombie has proven to be mutable and open to endless interpretations: thralls of voodoo, Romero’s living dead, viral victims, reanimated ramblers, video gaming targets, post-apocalyptic permutations, shuffling sidekicks, literary mash-ups, the comedic, and, yes, even the romantic.

We have an enduring hunger for this infinite onslaught of the ever-hungry dead. It’s a sick job, but somebody had to do it: explore innumerable necrotic nightmares and dig up some of the best of the new millennial zombie stories.

Introduction: David J. Schow: “The Meat of the Matter”
(from Zombie Jam, 2003)

Table of Contents (Alphabetical Order by Author)

  • Francesca Lia Block. “Farewell, My Zombie,” Black Clock 10, Spring/Summer 2009
  • Gary A. Braunbeck. “Glorietta,” The World is Dead, 2008
  • Max Brooks. “The Great Wall: A Story from the Zombie War ” (2007) Dark Delicacies II, 2007
  • Tobias Buckell. “Trinkets”, The Book of All Flesh, 2001
  • Steve Duffy. “Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed” At Ease with the Dead, 2007.
  • Andy Duncan. “Zora and the Zombie”, February 2004.
  • Scott Edelman. “The Last Supper”, The Book of Final Flesh, 2003
  • Neil Gaiman. “Bitter Grounds”, Mojo: Conjure Stories, 2003
  • Nik Houser. “First Kisses From Beyond the Grave”, Gargoyle Magazine #51, 2006
  • Brian Keene. “Three Scenes from the End of the World”. Originally published as three separate stories as “The Ties That Bind” in Unhappy Endings (2009), “The Viking Plays Patty Cake” and “Family Reunion” in The Rising: Selected Scenes From the End of the World (2008)
  • Alice Sola Kim . “Beautiful White Bodies,” Strange Horizons, 12/09
  • Joe R. Lansdale. “Deadman’s Road,” Subterranean, Spring 2007
  • Kelly Link. “The Hortlak”, The Dark: New Ghost Stories, 2003
  • Tim Lebbon. Naming of Parts, Naming of Parts (chapbook) 2000
  • McMahon, Gary. “Dead to the World,” The Dead That Walk, 2009.
  • David Prill. “Dating Secrets of the Dead,” F&SF, 06/02
  • Kit Reed. “The Zombie Prince”, F&SF 6/04
  • David J. Schow. “Obsequy”, Subterranean #3, 2006
  • Michael Marshall Smith. “The Things He Said”, Travellers in Darkness: The Souvenir Book of the World Horror Convention 2007
  • Kevin Veale. “Twisted”, Weird Tales #354, Fall 2009
  • Tim Waggoner. “Disarmed and Dangerous”, Spells of the City, 2009
  • David Wellington. “Dead Man’s Land” The World is Dead, 2009