From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism



Man-Made Men

A man (it’s almost always a man) becomes a powerful magician (or later, a scientist) and creates something that looks almost human. Then it all goes wrong.

Author Spotlight: Jeffrey Ford

You have to know the characters, or at least believe that you do. The moments that make up family life are primarily quiet ones, in and of themselves seemingly insignificant.

Now Hiring in the Airship Lounge: Fantasy Archetypes Get Steampunked

Steampunk is frequently associated with the Victorian and Edwardian periods of British and world history lasting roughly from 1837, when Queen Victoria took the throne, through the end of World War I.

Author Spotlight: Genevieve Valentine

While I was writing Mechanique, I watched hundreds of hours of circus footage—both the shows themselves and whatever behind-the-scenes material I could get my hands on.

Editorial, May 2011

Welcome to issue fifty of Fantasy Magazine! On tap this month… Fiction: “Study, For Solo Piano” by Genevieve Valentine, “Creation” by Jeffrey Ford, “The Devil in Gaylord’s Creek” by Sarah Monette, “Sandmagic” by Orson Scott Card. Nonfiction: “Now Hiring in the Airship Lounge” by Stephen A. Watkins, “Man-Made Men” by Alex Irvine, “Five Ways to Trick the Devil” by Heather Shaw, “Feature Interview: David Gaider and Heather Rabitach of Dragon Age II” by Matt London.

Artist Spotlight: Dariusz Zawadzki

My inspiration is always feelings, elusive emotions. They usually come from my dreams, my longing for other, unreal worlds. I create such a world with my paintings; they all make a whole.

The Unicorn Tapestries and Other Depictions: Beyond the Obvious Symbolism of the Unicorn’s Horn

At present, when one hears the word “unicorn,” the associations are obvious: a horned white horse, representing purity; a similarly chaste and pristine young woman; a series of single entendres.

Author Spotlight: Carrie Vaughn

You have to constantly ask, what’s being betrayed: the unicorns themselves, or the medieval cultural ideal of them? If the latter, is that a bad thing? Is it betrayal or subversion?

“A silver swan, which had a living grace”: A Brief, Bizarre Collection of Historical Automatons

In recent years, automatons have seen a surge in popularity, from steampunk contraptions to mecha. But this interest is hardly new.

Author Spotlight: Jonathan L. Howard

Cabal certainly has a moral set, although it’s unlikely to win him any plaudits. He would argue that his moral scale is simply greater than most people’s and that he does not concern himself with the minutiae.