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Book Review: Flinx Transcendent

What makes a universe worth saving? What makes a person worth dying for? In Alan Dean Foster’s Flinx Transcendent, the Great Evil approaches a universe unaware of its peril as Flinx struggles to find out exactly what he can do to stop it. For stop it he must — or all intelligent life will be snuffed out in the rolling void of space that is advancing, increasing in strength and speed.

Fighting against space and time, and a fanatic cult who welcome the “Great Cleansing” with suicidal fervor, Flinx must decipher the clues he’s been given throughout his life regarding his destiny. On board his unique ship Teacher, Flinx searches for a weapon that might be the only chance he has to fight the unnamed evil. The “Key”. The “Trigger”. These words describe what he must do but offer little insight as to “How”. Though he has the emotional support of his close friends, Flinx is painfully aware of how alone he really is. Except, of course, for Pip, who follows him even into the depths of space.

Flinx Transcendent by Alan Dean Foster is the final book in the Pip and Flinx series. After 35 years, loyal readers will finally have the much-longed-for conclusion. In addition to making new friends, most notably among the hostile race of Aann, Flinx is reunited with old enemies. The Order of Null have found ways around Flinx’s defenses and when he lands on New Riveria to meet up with his old friends, The Order is prepared. Clarity Held has been kidnapped, and Flinx has no time to wait for Bran Tse-Mallory and Truzenzuzex. He knowingly walks into The Order’s trap and can only hope that his reinforcements will arrive in time. Someone without prior knowledge of Flinx and Pip could read and enjoy this book. In this case, knowing the end of the last book of the series does not leave one “lost in space,” but rather with a satisfying end to the story and a thirst for the previous books.

Crysa Leflar used to work nights but has officially given up her “day job” to pursue writing full time. She has written book reviews for Afterthoughts, a now-defunct website, and is searching for the right market for her stories.

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