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Eureka: “Have an Ice Day”

Welcome to another Friday in Eureka. This is the penultimate episode of the season, but it doesn’t feel like the season finale is coming up. It’s just another episode. That’s not a bad thing, mind you, but it’s worth noting.

With Alison Blake going on six week maternity leave, “Have an Ice Day” features Tess on her first day as interim boss of Global Dynamics. Tess is waiting on a delivery of the longest ice core ever recovered, drilled out of the arctic sheet. Given the title of the episode, this can’t end well. Hmm…that’s not entirely true. The episode is sure to end well, but everything in between isn’t going to be very good.

The ice, of course, is its own problem. It ushers in a new ice age for GD. The ice, it spreads. From the core and then through GD. But, let’s not forget what it important here. Taggart is back! You remember Taggart, right? He’s the crazy Australian guy from the first two seasons. A real “character”, if you want to use the vernacular. Somebody’s vernacular. Taggart helped deliver the ice, though he’s not to blame for what happened. He does help with the solution, though.

There’s a rather cool and impressive scene early on with the delivery truck, which gives us the understatement line of “That’s a really big truck”. Seriously, in terms of big rigs, this is the biggest. I don’t know if the writers decided how many trailers the truck was pulling or not, but it is one truck pulling at least thirty.

There are some great interpersonal moments in “Have an Ice Day”. Both Zoe and Jo ask about Carter’s relationship with Tess and both times result in awkwardness on Carter’s part. It’s natural awkwardness, though. Have I mentioned how absolutely perfect that Colin Fergueson is in the role of Jack Carter? He carries the show and I can’t imagine another actor in the role. Everybody is better when they play opposite Fergeuson.

Minor drama on the side is that Zoe finally took the Eureka-sized exam which has a 90% accuracy rate in determining what her future career path should be. The last episode had Zoe thinking something in the medical field, but the test gave her robotics. She has no interest in robotics and the guy who I assume is her boyfriend acts like a complete jerk and pushes robotics stuff at Zoe when anyone with a three sizes too small heart can tell she isn’t happy.

I love how Carter comes up with the answer, as always. There’s plenty of silly, but it’s stuff good stuff, and happily there is no focus on the disappointing “What’s the Signal?” storyline and fallout. This isn’t a perfect episode. Eureka doesn’t do perfect episodes. The science is perpetually absurd (to a non-science-guy) and over the top. It’s a silly show with bites of seriousness, but Eureka has great heart. Eureka has great characters, and that’s where it shines, above and beyond anything to do with a localized ice age.

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