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Eureka: “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

The July 31 episode of Eureka, “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, was a silly and lighthearted romp of an episode. While Carter investigates the theft of some globidium components (yeah, some fake Global Dynamic patented product), which are used in a variety of capacities in Eureka, an annual bowling tournament is about to take place between a Eureka (Global Dynamics) corporate squad and one from Area 51. Because everyone is a freaking genius ‘round these parts, their pranks are as absurd as viewers of Eureka would expect. Forcefields in the bowling alley, balls that split in half, and other high-tech hijinks ensue. Front and center for the GD squad is one Douglas Fargo. Fargo still comes across as a silly, silly man but here in “It’s Not Easy Being Green” we are reminded that he is in Eureka because he is plenty smart and able to design some crazy stuff.

A goodly portion of the episode is dedicated to Fargo and Bismark (the captain from the Area 51 team) exchanging insults and verbal barbs. Hilarious, folks. Yes, some of the dialogue is cheesy, but with the perfect delivery of the actors behind Fargo and Bismark, the exchanges are an absolute highlight of the episode.

“It’s actually a pretty color.”
“Yeah, if you’re a Muppet.”
“This is blasphemy. This is madness. This is Eureka!”
“Bite me, Kermit.”
“Fargo Smash!”

I don’t know how those lines read out of context, but IN context they’re great.

This episode continues the romantic interlude between the very pregnant Lexi Carter (Jack’s sister) and the man who knocked her up but was never told she was pregnant until the previous episode. This stuff is… less successful. Lexi is a fun character who helps show that Jack Carter doesn’t exist in a vacuum (daughter Zoe notwithstanding) and reminds us that there is life outside the town. That’s great. And it’s great that there is a man who is decent and genuine towards Lexi, but unless there is a major payoff down the road, the Lexi / Pregnancy / Romance stuff comes across as filler, more so than Jo Lupo’s romantic interludes from the previous season.

The Lexi interludes notwithstanding – as an episode that doesn’t do much with the season arc of a signal from space converging on Eureka, “It’s Not Easy Being Green” is a delight from start to finish. The exchanges between Fargo and Bismark: Priceless.

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