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Snapshots: These Comic Reviews Will Self-Destruct

This week’s Snapshots will, review by review, reduce into nothingness like that alien code in Independence Day.

However rather than heralding impending space ray doom (unless you are a golden retriever) this will in fact just save me a bit of time. Or will it? By imposing such a structure on myself, will I in fact find my brain stuttering as it tries to sum up X-Men: Forever #11 in two words? Probably not. “Bit crap” does it more service than it deserves.

Should have saved that one until the end. Damnit.

Sword_01 [320x200]Sword 1 (Marvel)

Spinning (or shuttling) out of Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men comes this new series, charting the exploits of the Sentient World Observation and Response Department –  whose job it is to protect earth from extra-terrestrial threats. I enjoyed this for several reasons. Firstly despite having ties to both X-Men (via blue bundle of brilliance The Beast) and Dark Reign (via Norman Osborne stooge Henry Peter Gyrich) it feels nice and self contained. Secondly it’s in space, which is, you know, cool. Thirdly it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Fourthly however, and most importantly, it features none other than the original Death’s Head! Yeah, that’s right, him! Now I accept there is a good chance you have no idea who Death’s Head is, but equally I accept that this is because you fail to mirror my brilliance and exquisite cultural reference points (like 80’s UK Transformers comics). Should you wish to try to attain anything close to my greatness picking this up would be a good place to start. [166 words]

Super_god_1 [320x200]Supergod 1 (Avatar)

Warren Ellis kicks off another self contained ‘serialised graphic novel’ (aka… a comic). The last one, No Hero, left me a bit underwhelmed. This one looks more promising, looking at a superhuman arms race through the lens of mankind’s seeming need for a supreme being to save us. Naturally combining religious fervour  and genetic engineering has all gone splendidly and everyone lives happily ever after. Ha. Gotcha. Actually after a relatively low impact (unless you were one of the 3 astronauts involved) attempt to create a superhuman in the UK, India have a go and all hell breaks loose. The results are recounted by a slightly stoned survivor sitting amongst the dead in a ruined London while he awaits his own fate. An intriguing start. [126 words]

Deadpool_17 [320x200]Deadpool  17 (Marvel)

Deadpool is now his own publishing monster with Marvel spewing out somewhere in the region of six gabillion Deadpool comics a month. The main reason this is a shame is not so much the naked cash in cynicism on display, but the fact that this absolute gem might get lost in the throng. This issue Deadpool thwarts the X-Men with a chicken.  If that sentence doesn’t make you go out and buy this then there is very little hope for you. [79 words]

dark_x_men_1_super [320x200]Dark X-Men 1 of 5 (Marvel)

By the same team as Captain Britain and MI:13. You know the one? Brilliant, charming, marvelous art? Cancelled because clowns LIKE YOU didn’t buy it meaning it will forever be a hole in my heart? Buy this instead as you start to correct your many mistakes. Especially if the words Nate Grey mean anything to you… [57 words]

x_force_21 [320x200]X-Force 21 (Marvel)

The Necrosha X-over (in which dead mutants are returning to life) continues in much the same vein as it has in the previous 2 issues. The last 3 pages do leave you wondering “How the hell are they going to get out of this one?” but mainly it’s filler. [49 Words]

Imperial_1 [320x200]Imperial Guard 1 of 5 (Marvel)

In the aftermath of War of Kings we witness Gladiator’s first days trying to consolidate the crumbling Shi’ar empire. Fast-paced and full of intrigue with the superb Kev Walker on pencils, this one gets a hearty thumbs up. [39 words]

Wild_Hunt_8 [320x200]Hellboy: The Wild Hunt 8 of 8

Gorgeous art.  Some interesting revelations. No real conclusion. Should have been 4 issues instead of 8. Overall a disappointment. [19 words]

BPRD_1947_5 [320x200]BPRD 1947 5 of 5 (Dark Horse)

More or less perfect ending to more or less perfect horror comic. [12 words]

cable_20 [320x200]Cable 20 (Marvel)

Change the bloody record. [4 words]

x_men_forever_12 [320x200]X-Men: Forever #11

Bit crap. [You can count, come on.]

And that is your lot.



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