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Fantasy Archive Ebooks Now Available

In 2005, Fantasy began as a print magazine, then in 2007 transitioned to online-only. It continued publishing as an online magazine through 2010, and then in 2011 it shifted formats again, this time to match the online-ebook model employed by its sister magazine, Lightspeed. In January 2012, Fantasy merged into Lightspeed, and so now this site exists only as an archive.

However, some new life for Fantasy is now on the horizon! We’ve gone back through the archives, digitized all of the print editions, and ebookified all the online editions, and are now pleased to offer all 57 issues of Fantasy Magazine (2005-2011) in ebook format (epub & mobi).

You can buy each issue individually, or you can purchase “bundles” of back issues at discounted prices. We’re currently offering the following bundles:

Fantasy (2005-2007) – $24.99
Fantasy (2008) – $24.99
Fantasy (2009) – $24.99
Fantasy (2010) – $24.99
Fantasy (2011) – $24.99
Fantasy (MegaBundle: All 57 Issues) – $114.99

Or, if you’re just in the market for some individual ebook issues, that’s great too. Please visit the Store page to peruse our entire selection.

And if you’ve read all of the Fantasy archive and are still hungry for more great fantasy? Then be sure to check out Lightspeed (which, remember, now incorporates Fantasy Magazine). Subscriptions to Lightspeed are available at just $3 a month. Also be sure to check out Lightspeed’s new sister magazine of dark fantasy and horror, Nightmare.