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The Yggysey by Daniel Pinkwater

One of the best YA novel’s of 2009, Daniel Pinkwater’s sequel to The Neddiad (inspired by The Illiadis The Yggyssey (similarly inspired by The Odyssey) is charming, interesting, and often quite funny.


Boneshaker by Cherie Priest

Cherie Priest’s sixth novel is her best. With a keen eye for detail and description, Priest quickly draws readers into her alternate world placing the story in a particular, if imaginary, time and place.Boneshaker proves to be one of 2009’s best novels and is not to be missed


Strange Brew edited by P. N. Elrod

Will appeal to most readers of contemporary Urban Fantasy, if mainly as snacks between the more substantial novelistic meals these writers usually produce


In Anticipation of Clarion West

Who knows what visions we may receive during these weeks of hard work and intensive writing? Maybe we’ll have written stories about zombie cockroaches who fall in love with clockwork dolls, or maybe we’ll have created entire new universes for our characters to play around in…