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The Ten Doctors by Richard Morris

The Ten Doctors is an unofficial Doctor Who comic drawn by Canadian artist Richard Morris. It brings together each of the Doctor’s 10 incarnations (plus many of his companions) in a complex, engaging adventure that will interest fans of both the new and classic Who series. After the 10th Doctor loses Rose to a parallel […]


Blog For A Beer – Superheroes and Property Damage

Over the past few days I’ve been watching the first and second season DVDs of Justice League Unlimited. In almost every episode there’s a major battle between superheroes and villains that results in major property damage. Not just, oh, we broke a wall, but, that building exploded when it crashed down into the other one. These battles rarely take place in out of the way locations–generally it’s a major urban center by all the tall buildings. Judging by how quickly Lois Lane gets to the heart of the fighting, I’d say many times Metropolis takes a major beating, even when it’s not stated.

And yet no one comments on this. Sure, the heroes save the day and all, but they destroy the city in the process. What’s the point in saving us all from the dastardly deeds of the bad guy if there’s no home to go to? Insurance rates must be ridiculous. The mob bosses running construction must be billionaires, because just one episode later all the buildings are back in place and people return…


No Blog for a Beer!

We’re skipping this today, because most of our employees are at NY Comic-Con, but we’ll restart this the following Friday!


Weird Tales and Hellboy’s creator at New York Comic Con

“We’re coming to New York! Come join us for a Weird Tales panel discussion celebrating our 85th anniversary and the 85 Weirdest Storytellers next Friday, April 18, at the big New York Comic Con in Manhattan. Panelists scheduled to talk include con guest of honor and WT-inspired Hellboy creator Mike Mignola; WT illustrator and Dr. […]