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The Things in the Box

A silver watch, a rainbow quilt, a Moroccan mirror — what do these items add up to when combined with a failing relationship? Ursula Pflug’s haunting “The Things in the Box” deals with love and loss.


Gods of the Spiderhole

In the hills of San Diego, spiderholes and cardboard houses like the set of an apocalypse movie let men who didn’t belong there—never women, only men—hide and sleep. Fifty yards away, citizens lived in giant homes and shopped in giant stores and drove giant cars along giant roads. The citizens might as well be giants […]


Penguin and Wren

You are cordially invited to Sonia and Dale’s 3rd Annual Magic Xtravaganza! Come see The Disappearing Wheelchair, Chicken or the Egg, and a spectacular new trick created by Sonia Larch herself. Free admission, one day only, Saturday the 22nd at 2:00 pm.


Masks of War

Old Mrs. Winters held up the mirror, giving the young sergeant the first glimpse of the tin mask that covered his face. Her bird-bright eyes twinkled. “Well, how does it look?”

The sergeant stared at the mirror. Beneath the spectacles affixing the mask to his face, the painted features looked surprisingly life-like. From where he stood a few feet behind the sergeant, Lieutenant Grey watched the reflection in the glass as the young man’s fingers reached up to stroke his new face, touching metal cheeks and the carefully glued-on mustache that matched his brown hair.



The world was a wash of green outside Shawna’s bedroom window. Light splashed through the trees, down onto dandelions and patches of water. A breeze blew in from the ocean, a taste of salt in the air. The radio on her night table played Steve Miller and she spun the volume louder, leaned back against the window’s splintering frame. Everyone else from school was down on the boardwalk, flashing their first fake I.D.’s or getting their true love’s name airbrushed across a t-shirt, but she could only handle solitude, right now.

Shrill laughter shattered the calm, as it often did. Damn neighbors.

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Dear Father:

If you are reading this, Dariael murdered me.

Though I am not your favorite daughter, you also know I’m not the type of sixteen-year-old to feign suicide for sympathy. For the moment, I ask only that you believe in my abilities as a threadkeeper. If my sorcery works, you can save me in your universe. If you’re too busy to follow my instructions, you’ll never see me again…


Practicing Perfection

Amber never regretted becoming a giant, though she ached with the walking. It didn’t matter; she rejoiced to ride so high upon her long bones, never minding the precarious balance. She’d done it to be close to the angels.

She never saw the things the angels fought, way up there in the sun-white sky. She never knew the battles that they won. She only knew that every once in a while, an angel lost. She’d find him, then, as she trudged along the foot of the high stone wall that stretched across the face of the world…


Marrying the Sun

The wedding went well until the bride caught fire. Bridget’s pretty white dress went up in a whoosh, from train-length veil to taffeta skirt to rose-embroidered bodice and Juliet cap with ferronière of pearls. The fabric burned so hot and fast that it went up without igniting Bridget’s skin, leaving her naked, singed, embarrassed, and […]


The Lodger at Wintertide

Sibley set dinner in front of the nursery children, beef stew and thick slices of bread from which they could pluck the carrots and soft middles respectively. Naughty children, she signed to them as she took her seat at the head of the table and spread her napkin over her lap. A chorus of waving […]


His One True Bride

“I wish to speak with you on this path and there will be no end to my speaking. You will not be able to do otherwise than listen because I have bound you fast.” —the Holy Spirit to Blessed Angela of Foligno Day of the Smothered Bride Light came into me again today. I was […]