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Blog For A Beer! What Are Your Favorite Games?

You may have noticed that this week we posted a game review. We’re going to have more gaming content from now on because games are awesome and we love them. So for this week’s BfaB we’d like to know what your favorite games are and why? Are you a hardcore D&D player? An occassional White Wolf LARPer? Stuck to your Wii? Addicted tot hat first person shooter? Don’t just stick to current games. there have to be some people out there still chasing greatness in Pong or living high off of their amazing Pac-Man high score from 1986…


Munchkin 6: Demented Dungeons

I’ve been a fan of Munchkin since I was a teenager, and though I’ve been playing for years it hasn’t lost its charm. I haven’t been as impressed with the expansions as with the original game, though. When I add a couple into my deck, the number of cards starts to become unwieldy, and while the individual cards in each expansion usually give me a chuckle, they don’t really alter the overall gameplay experience that much. The sixth expansion for Munchkin, Demented Dungeons, is something new, however…