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Movie News: Frank Miller Likes Jason Statham As the Next “Daredevil”


No Objectivity: Never-Asked Questions about “The Last Legion”

The Last Legion is a sweeping historical epic that follows the last Roman Emperor (aged twelve), Colin Firth as a military general, a bunch of character actors who needed the money, and Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai. One of these people will become Uther Pendragon, but before we get into all that, you’ll have questions. Below, Genevieve helpfully talks you, the Unsuspecting Viewer, through this godforsaken film.

Unsuspecting Viewer: So, Ben Kingsley’s in this?

Genevieve: Yup. He’s a Druid! Or a magician. Or a Jedi. They never say.

Unsuspecting Viewer: Where is he from? That accent’s really shitty.

Genevieve: Foreignlandia.

Unsuspecting Viewer: So, Colin Firth’s in this?

Genevieve: Yup. He’s a General. General Politeness.

Unsuspecting Viewer: Is…that a token black dude?

Genevieve: …yeah.


Movie News: People Can’t Stop Talking About “The Dark Knight”

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Blog For A Beer: Open Thread

Hey everyone, it’s Fantasy Friday, and that means it’s time to Blog for a Beer. (click here for the rules.) This week we’ve giving you an open thread. That means you can post about anything relating to fantasy, science fiction, or horror, including some of this week’s News posts, your thoughts on the X-Files movie, […]


Movie News: Wonder Woman Concept Art; Dark Knight Reviews; WALL-E

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WALL-E Wondrous

Pixar’s newest animated feature, WALL-E, is the oddest of ducks: a feel-good love story set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future. This wonderful dichotomy is reflected in its opening scene in which we’re shown a panoramic view of Earth shrouded in a cloud of orbiting litter followed by sweeping overhead shots of desolate debris-laden cityscapes—to the accompaniment of a peppy Broadway show tune from Hello, Dolly! The effect is eerie and mesmerizing. It is in this brilliant juxtaposition of light and darkness that writer-director Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo) produces cinematic magic.


Native Tales Graphic Novel, Sci-Fi Comedies, Thomas M. Disch’s Last Interview

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Stan Winston Passes, George Takei Marries, Indiana Jones Includes Racist Crap

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Blog For A Beer! Sci-Fi Original Movies We Love To Hate

Welcome to the newest installment of Blog for a Beer on this lovely Fantasy Friday. Every week we offer up a bloggy prompt and invite you to discuss and debate the topic. The comments will close at 11:59PM Pacific time Saturday and, if we have at least 10 participants, we’ll award $10 in beer (or […]


No Objectivity: AZTEC REX

In the early 16th century, Hernan Cortés led a legendary expedition to Mexico, ostensibly to foster trade. Upon meeting the reigning Aztecs, Cortés ran up against a cultural misunderstanding that lessened his power; this cultural misunderstanding caused the supposedly peaceful expedition to become a sudden and violent struggle for conquest. Though Cortés and other Spaniards […]