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2012: Epic

While religious experts and scientists alike assure us
that apocalypse is probably not on a schedule, the drama of world’s
end latches onto people like a virus, creating an audience starving
for Armageddon.


Ten Things You Should Know about New Moon

You would think that after a year of hype, there would be no surprises left to find in New Moon, the sure-to-go-gangbusters sequel to last year’s unbelievably popular Twilight. But just in case you feel unprepared, here’s a cheat sheet of things you should know before you drop ten bucks.


Astro Boy: Retrorocket Excellence

Directed by David Bowers (Flushed Away), the brilliant Astro Boy comes to life with modern animation techniques, great voice acting and a story that suits both the original theme and today’s audiences.


The Wild King

Max Record plays our confused hero, who is also named Max. Record is an extraordinarily talented child actor, and his performance—spanning a broader range of emotions than many adult actors ever handle—is the backbone of the film.


Shall We Dance?: Legend’s Lily and the Subversion of the Damsel Stereotype

As Darkness emerges from a mirror in all his monstrous bulk to woo his intended bride, Lily fearfully resists his advances, every inch the protesting innocent. However, as Darkness makes clear that he is not looking for a meal, but a wife, she cunningly tempers her responses to him, going so far as to deliberately provoke him and then to laugh coyly when he rages.


Surrogates: Sci Fi’s Power to Make You Go Hmmm

Wouldn’t surrogates lead to trolls stomping around in real life? No, not big ugly creatures fond of bridges, but internet trolls, those who use the anonymity of the internet to be complete jerks without fear of real consequences?


Ten Fantasy Movies that Deserve Remakes

Hollywood has a serious case of makeover mania, with adaptations of everything from Transformers to Wuthering Heights on the table. While studio execs are on the prowl for films to remake, I’d like to suggest some movies that could benefit from some updating, whose stories have more to tell, or who just plain deserve another chance.


District 9: Splatter Fable

The premise is brutally simple. A massive alien mothership arrives in the skies above Johannesburg, South Africa, but its inhabitants make no effort to initiate dialogue. Confused, impatient humanity flies up to meet the newcomers and is stunned to find a ship full of sick, starving creatures that look like bipedal shellfish.


Ponyo: Another Miyazaki Masterpiece

Hayao Miyazaki is known for some of the best anime ever made. From his humble beginnings working on animated adaptations of traditional English fictions such as Treasure Island and Puss ‘n Boots to modern genre classics including Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, Miyazaki has achieved an almost unparalleled mastery of animation and storytelling.


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – Ninjas GO AT IT

It’s very, very rare for me to complain that a film did not have enough girl on girl fights.

I’m complaining. Which means, of course, that it’s time for snark:

Hasbro Corporation: Hi! Yes, that’s us in the opening credits. If you are thinking that this does not bode well for the film, we must regretfully inform you that you are right, and it might be easier all around if you just go and buy our toys.