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The Line Starts Here

It looks to be a banner year for fantasy and science fiction films, at least in terms of quantity, if not quality. In the first month of 2010 we’ve seen the release of Daybreaker vampires, a post apocalyptic Book of Eli, and a Legion of killer angels, not counting The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasus, the latest Terry Gillium film to tank at the box office.


Legion: Get Thee Behind Me

A grinding gunfest, ridiculous and dull by turns, Legion is the sort of movie that makes you wonder how no one involved raised a hand at some point and said, “So…is this really what we’re going to go with?”


Fantasy’s Top Ten Ham Jobs

There are a lot of forgettable fantasy movies out there. The reasons are many: the production values are low; the concept falls flat; it’s a Dungeons & Dragons rip-off; it’s the actual Dungeons & Dragons movie. The good news is that every once in a while, a forgettable movie gets into the hands of an actor who knows just how to liven up a dull take by chewing a little scenery…


SciFi Christmas Classics

Nobody believes in Santa, so Santa refuses to go anywhere on Christmas Eve. Klatu the elf goes into town with his little reindeer, Gortzen, to give humans one last chance to prove themselves worthy of Christmas.