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Penguin and Wren

The wooden box promises to make Dale the life of any party or social gathering, 1001 tricks, gags and illusions. The Queen of Hearts Deluxe, The Dancing Ball, The Invisible Empress, simple tricks with exotic names. He wears a velvet top hat and carries around a white-tipped wand, and people call him Magician.

When Dale vanishes a coin for his sister Sonia and materializes it from behind her ear, she grabs her ear frantically and knocks the quarter into a heating vent. She rocks her wheelchair back and forth and Dale has to clamp onto the handles to keep her from tipping over.


The Last Legion Trailer Video

Think that The Last Legion couldn’t possibly be as hilarious as Genevieve makes it out to be? Watch the trailer and see for yourself. Also see how pretty Colin Firth and Aishwarya Rai are! Pretty people make movies better… right?


Our New YouTube Channel

We have a new YouTube channel, check it out. Also, watch a short puppet video by Cambell nominee Mary Robinette Kowal.


Fantasy Magazine Looking For Audio Dramas to Podcast

In 2009 Fantasy Magazine will add audio dramas to our suite of podcasts. To that end, from September 1 – November 15, we will accept audio script submissions for the first season.

Scripts should run 30 – 60 minutes and follow traditional radio play format. We prefer plays that will require five or fewer actors.

Though we will lean more heavily toward dramas in the fantasy genre, we will look at science fiction and dark/horror tales. Any good script with elements of the fantastic is game. Keep in mind that we’re looking for many of the same qualities in audio drama that we look for in our fiction. Scripts should emphasize character, dialogue, and a good story over relying heavily on sound effects and cool tricks.


Hulk On A Plane

Earlier this week we exposed you to the madness that was Galactica 1980. Perhaps some shows should never see the light of DVD, but what can you do? Still, there are some old SF/F shows that hold up over time. The Incredible Hulk is one. Hulu has 15 episodes from the first season up so far, including one that made me afraid to fly for months: 747. That’s right, Hulk on a plane! He even tries to pilot it.


Galactica 1980 First Season Online

We know you all love the new Battlestar Galactica, and some of you out there are fans of the original. But many fans would like to forget the sad case that was Galactica 1980.

Set during the year 1980, and a generation after the original series, the Galactica and its fleet of 220 civilian ships have finally discovered Earth, only to find that its people have forgotten much of the technology that the Thirteenth Tribe of humanity brought with it, and as a direct result, the planet cannot defend itself against the Cylons as originally hoped. Therefore, teams of Colonial warriors are covertly sent to the planet to work incognito with various members of the scientific community, hoping to advance Earth’s technology…


Firespinning to Firebird’s Child

Check out this great video of firespinners by Blueyed Beccer. It’s set to the song “Firebird’s Child” by S. J. Tucker, which was inspired by Catherynne M. Valente’s Orphan’s Tales: In the Cities of Coin and Spice



“Believe” by Katherine Sparrow, read by Ann Leckie. Content courtesy of PodCastle.



Dear Father:

If you are reading this, Dariael murdered me.

Though I am not your favorite daughter, you also know I’m not the type of sixteen-year-old to feign suicide for sympathy. For the moment, I ask only that you believe in my abilities as a threadkeeper. If my sorcery works, you can save me in your universe. If you’re too busy to follow my instructions, you’ll never see me again…


Podcast Space

For several months the editorial team here at Fantasy has had many discussions about the possibility of a Fantasy podcast. What should be in our podcast? we asked ourselves. Well, mostly I asked myself and others asked me, since I’m in charge of the project. I’ve had several nifty ideas, some more tenable than others. […]