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Twitter Updates for 2009-07-05

  • Good Jonathan Coulton interview: #
  • 5 Comic Book Heroes for the Fourth of July –
  • Some very cool steampunk art –
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    Clarion West Write-a-thon Begins!

    “We think that writers writing to raise money for Clarion West makes more sense than writers running a half-marathon to raise money for Clarion West,” says Development Director Kate Schaefer.


    The Odds of Odyssey

    Some are unlucky at love. Me, I’m unlucky at learning. I dropped out of high school (once) and college (more times than I care to remember). I’ve never learned how to speak a foreign language, how to feel comfortable in a fancy restaurant, or how to do my taxes right. Hell, at the age of 37, I’ve still never learned how to drive stick.


    What We’re Up To: Partnering With Powell’s Books

    One of the things we try to do is look to the future and so we’ve chosen to switch our book-selling affiliation to Powell’s Books, located in Portland, Oregon, where it occupies an entire city block.


    Con Report: PenguiCon (Romulus, MI), Sunday (Alethea)

    This convention was lovely for me–instead of burnt-out, I’m home now feeling smiley and rested. I had no panels to be on, no real schedule to keep, and I was always surrounded by beautiful, smart, funny, and generous friends. Like a geek spa, if you will, and just as humid.


    Con Report: PenguiCon (Romulus, MI), Saturday (Alethea)

    Day two of Penguicon was the day of panels — I followed Mary Robinette Kowal to her first one: a podcasting panel where I met and geeked out girl-style over Escape Pod‘s Steve Eley. From there I hooked up with Danielle Friedman and networked by sneaking into the back of one on social networking.


    Con Report: PenguiCon (Romulus, MI), Saturday (Dave)

    After that, the con turned into that delightful haze of a Saturday night. There were still things to be seen – the Pirate Ship going down (the elevator) without its captain, John Scalzi dressed up as a pirate after denying he was going to do it, and a special room party held for my 40th birthday party. Actually, it might have been decorated for Scalzi’s 40th, but my party is traditionally on the first Saturday of May, so I decided it was for me.


    Con Report: OutlantaCon (Atlanta, GA) Sat PM & Sun (Eugie)

    OutlantaCon 3PM is a much more reasonable time for a panel, and my afternoon “Literature as Activism” one with writer/producer Andy Mangels and author J.M. McDermott was both better attended and more lively, with Andy Mangels providing insight into the obstacles he’s encountered in his efforts to introduce diversity into media owned properties such as […]


    Con Report: OutlantaCon (Atlanta, GA) Sat AM (Eugie)

    Joseph Carriker, particularly, had much intelligent and perceptive commentary to offer on the subject of horror: fear should help tell the story; the essence of horror is in making people uncomfortable–in opposition to the goal of people and civilization in general, seeking to become more comfortable in our environments; and that the use of violence in storytelling can serve to increase our humanity (rather than degrade it) by defining and illustrating that which is decent and desirable and that which is not.


    Con Report: PenguiCon (Romulus, MI) Friday (Dave)

    As always on Friday, the highlight was the Opening Ceremonies. Con chair Matt Arnold ran the show, overcoming an early interruption from the Acme Delivery Yak, as well as the unexpected arrival of Dr. Horrible, who explained that he’s the one that has been kidnapping Wil Wheaton all these years.