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True Blood Season 2, Episode 8: “Timebomb”

“Timebomb” is a coy, on-the-nose title for this week’s episode, but it might as easily have been called “Everything and Nothing.” The first fifteen minutes seem to resolve more or less everything in the Dallas plotline, and the rest of the episode is a whole lot of nothing.


Eureka: “If You Build It…”

It’s just another Friday in Eureka. The mysterious signal mentioned in previous episodes is considered a harbinger of something from space following said signal. Jo Lupo got an awesome new police car – which allows a moment of product placement before we get back to the real issue at hand: General Mansfield (the one that fired Carter a few episodes back) has ordered Allison Blake to prepare a defense strategy for Eureka. Any Eureka defense strategy will be crazily high tech.


Eureka: “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

The July 31 episode of Eureka, “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, was a silly and lighthearted romp of an episode. While Carter investigates the theft of some globidium components (yeah, some fake Global Dynamic patented product), which are used in a variety of capacities in Eureka, an annual bowling tournament is about to take place between a Eureka (Global Dynamics) corporate squad and one from Area 51.


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – Ninjas GO AT IT

It’s very, very rare for me to complain that a film did not have enough girl on girl fights.

I’m complaining. Which means, of course, that it’s time for snark:

Hasbro Corporation: Hi! Yes, that’s us in the opening credits. If you are thinking that this does not bode well for the film, we must regretfully inform you that you are right, and it might be easier all around if you just go and buy our toys.


True Blood Season 2, Episode 7: “Release Me”

Like many excellent songs by the Pixies, this week’s True Blood is built on a simple “LOUD quiet LOUD” structure, alternating between crazy plot-driving action and intimate conversations.


True Blood, Season 2, Episode 6: “Hard-Hearted Hannah”

This week’s True Blood revelation is that Bill sings. More specifically, he sang, back when he was a nasty faux-French aristo who cut a bloody rug through Chicago with his maker, Lorena. And how do we learn about Bill’s Angelic past, you ask? Why, Ms. Lorena arrives in Dallas — and at the request of Eric, no less, who hopes to throw a wrench into Bill and Sookie’s loveworks. While Sookie’s off on her mission to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun, Lorena subdues Bill in his hotel room.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been my favorite so far. The book’s darker themes and more adult intrigues appealed to me. That said, the film is, well, lacking. While the tried and true cast performed much as expected, and the special effects, soundtrack and visual theme are phenomenal (excepting occasional editing and continuity goofs), the sixth installment in the Harry Potter chronicles was simply flat.


Con Report: BaltiCon (May 22-25, 2009)

A few precious moments linger in one’s life, the still frames that define us, or perhaps, define a portion of us previously out of focus. These moments, sometimes, are experiences one might expect: birth of a child, diploma day, loss of virginity, a first fiction sale. Sometimes the experiences come later in life, unexpectedly sweet. Yes, my friends, I have experienced my first con.


A Star Trek, Boldly

Much of science fiction, at its heart, is about adolescence, whether it’s focusing on the transformation of a person, a culture, or aliens. It’s about testing limits and finding one’s place in the world, even if one’s world is as large as the universe. The best science fiction, however, isn’t just about adventure; it’s about capturing a sense of wonder. It’s about the fantastic, the awe in discovering something new. It’s about transcendence. How fitting, then, that director J.J. Abrams returns the sagging Star Trek franchise to its boisterous youth.