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Blog For A Beer: Best Books of 2008

Welcome to Fantasy Friday everyone. It’s time to Blog for a Beer. (Click here for the rules.)

It’s December, and you know what that means: lists.  Specifically Best Of lists.  We humans have this need to look back over a meaningful section of time and decide on the most awesome things they experienced in that time period.  Exciting, right?

Over the next three weeks we’re going to compile some Best Of lists, and you’re going to help.  Why, you ask?  Because we might give you $10 if you do!

Since you’re all avid readers of Fantasy, I’m going to guess that you enjoy reading genre fiction.  I pretty much devour anthologies and collections, myself.  I’m sure there are some novel-lovers amongst you.  Today’s question is a simple one:  What are the best books you read this year?  I’m talking best books published in 2008 — novels, collections, anthologies.  Pimp your favorite three and tell us why.

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