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Blog for a Leap Year beer!

Welcome to a special, only-once-in-four-years edition of Fantasy Friday! Every week, you are invited to write and post anything having to do with fantasy, science fiction, etc., right here in the comments: a true tale of geekdom, a bit of a story you’re trying to write, a review of anything from the Spiderwick Chronicles movie to the latest ghost photography you’ve spotted on Flickr. Our optional theme today, of course, is Leap Day! If you’re so inclined, tell us something appropriate, whether it’s a paean to Quantum Leap or a thoughtful discourse on interstitial calendar possibilities. At 5 p.m. PST, if we’ve got at least ten participants, we’ll choose the day’s most entertaining writer and PayPal them $10 on the spot. Go start your weekend off with a cold one on us! And make sure it has lots of hops. (Hops! Get it? Like leaps… ah, never mind.) Minors, make it a root beer.

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