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May Madness Micro-Short and Graphic Contest Guidelines

Submission Window: Monday, May 4- Friday, May 22nd, midnight.

Choose a graphic image as a prompt then start writing! Story content should relate directly to the graphic of choice and should also follow the content guidelines as posted on our Fantasy Magazine guidelines page.

Each submission should accompany a .jpeg or .gif graphic (all copyright rules apply). Graphics may be original or taken from a pay or free site as long as Fantasy Magazine can publish without infringement. Please include copyright information along with the image. If the image cannot be published on Fantasy Magazine because of copyright issues, the corresponding micro submission will be null and void. Please embed the image into your submitted document either before or after your micro-short.

When submitting, please make sure that your title line reads “Micro Contest: [Title] by [Author].” Submissions that do not follow this guideline, are more than ten sentences, and/or do not have the .jpeg or .gif image embedded into the document will be deleted, unread. No exceptions.

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