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Podcast: Fantasy Magazine‘s Micro-Fiction Contest Winners, Read by Maguerite Croft (Podcastle)

 Listen to Maguerite Croft (Podcastle) read Fantasy Magazine’s Micro-Fiction Contest Winners  


 Photograph by Kelly Stiles


Night Comes Softly

by Kelly Stiles

Night comes softly, and the crickets chirp their spell-binding lullaby. In a small thicket the nymph lulls to trance-like slumber . . . 


From the Spirit Photographs of William Hope (1863-1933)
From the collection of the National Media Museum, Creative Commons

The Ghost of Henry’s Past

by Caren Gussoff

My mother told me love is a fight, that’s why the heart is shaped like a fist, that’s why they say it’s beating . . .  


 Image copyright Wade Bowen, 2006

A Little Part of Me Dies

by Lane Bowen

“Run,” I tell my diminutive shadow, “before the Chicken-Crow of Ammon-Tok can pierce us with his quills.”

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