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Introducing: The Fantasy Cafe

This week we’re introducing a new section on Fantasy Magazine: Fantasy Cafe.  This space is for our readers and friends and fans to kick back, sip a dark roast cuppa sweetened with the finest fairy sugar, and chat about fantasy-related stuff.  There’s a small stage in the corner of the lounge for our Open Mic Nights, shelves filled with books, and a kiosk in the back that may open up when you least expect it and tempt you with shiny trinkets.  There’s also a TV Den in the basement where you can chat about the latest episode of your favorite shows.

We’re still putting the finishing touches on the place, but you’re welcome to come in and hang out right now.  This space is for you, so if you have suggestions on things that would make it an even friendlier place to hang out, let us know!

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