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Steampunk Fashion Show

We know that Fantasy readers dig steampunk stuff.  Not just the fiction and the gadgets, oh no. We’ve seen you at conventions in your corsets and clockwork jewelry and monocles. (We noticed because a few of us were wearing them, too.)  So let’s inaugurate the Cafe Lounge with a Steampunk Fashion Show!

Participants: Post a picture of yourself in your steampunk finery in the comments. You can either embed the image (make it no wider than 400px, please) or paste a link. Only one entry per commenter is allowed, so choose your best. You may post multiple links to the same outfit, though.

Gawkers: Vote for your favorite entries (see the little stars in each comment? Yeah, use those).  Which is the most creative, the most complex, the most punk?

The outfit with the most votes by 12PM EST Sunday, May 3, wins! There may be a special prize, who knows?

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