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Steampunk Links for December 18, 2009

A New York-based design blog, Pretty Smart Design, asks, “What’s Steampunk?” “I keep running into the “steampunk” trend. It’s difficult to give a concise definition because there are lots of variations on the theme, but it’s kind of Victorian steam age meets sci-fi.”

Here’s a steampunk stocking stuffer.

Steampunkers rock out at Nueva Musas, plus a clip from City of Lost Children, which surely qualifies as a steampunk movie.

Luminis Kanto presents a steampunk seraph.

Members of the League of S.T.E.A.M. talk about influences on their costumes.

GeekSyndicate asks, “What do Firefly,Labyrinth, Steampunk and Dark Marine Fantasy have in common?” and reaches the conclusion that it’s the new webcomic, Border Crossings.

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