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This June In Fantasy Magazine

What’s coming this June in Fantasy Magazine?

Fiction-wise, you’ll see:

  • Gay Terry’s “Timepiece” – After the dogs chewed the hands off the clock, we had only the chimes to remind us of time. If we were engrossed in our work and missed the sound of them, we lost the hour. This occurred often, as you might imagine. Winding the clock became the most crucial task of our day. We were afraid that sooner or later someone would forget, then time would stop and the rest of the world would go on without us.
  • Jay Lake’s People of Leaf and Branch – No dust here in Peregrine house. Rather, delicate sculptures of bird bones hung from the ceiling in the shadowed, curving hallway, spinning slowly in the air currents. The pelts of birds, feathered and tanned, spread along the walls. The ancestors were well-tended, surrounded by fruits and flowers traded up from the streets below, wrapped in incense, with coins and colored stones in their mouths.
  • Superhero Girl by Jessica Lee – Ofelia was a superhero. She told me so without reserve. “It’s safe for me to tell you,” she said. “I can sense you’re not a villain. Besides, it would be unfair to keep it from you. It won’t be easy, you know, being involved with a superhero girl.”
  • Ruth Nestvold’s Woman In Abaya with Onion- Blood. Blood everywhere, blood and screams. Cries for help, Hilfe, tasoketeh, au secours. A little boy, crying, begging for his life in German, gunned down by men in Egyptian police uniforms. At her feet, a blonde woman, dead eyes staring into the bright morning sky, a round, red hole in her forehead …

June articles include an appreciation of Superman by E.C. Myers, reviews of both “Land of the Lost” and “Transformers”, an interview with the creators of the Lord of the Rings game, an article on Star Trek and slash fiction, convention reports, a piece on the writing workshop Clarion West, the top ten differences between television shows TrueBlood and Twilight, a look at zombie fiction mashups, and much, much more.

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