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Open Fantasy Magazine Positions

We’re looking to fill the following positions at Fantasy Magazine.

Podcast Manager

Necessary skills: Audio production and editing experience. You know how to record a podcast and edit out extraneous noise, as well as how to add music or other audio tracks. as well as how to put it on a website. You listen to podcasts and know the difference between a well-done one and a badly-done one.
Duties: Work with podcast readers to make sure podcasts are up to standard and coach new ones. Post fiction or interview podcast on a twice-a-month basis. Time estimate: 3-5 hours a week.
Benefits: Resume-worthy experience with online audio production. The satisfaction of seeing our numbers grow while working with a talented team dedicated to bringing the latest and best in fantasy to our readers.

* * *

Advertising Manager and/or Advertising Representatives

Necessary skills: The ability to contact and facilitate the purchasing of advertising space by 3rd parties for the Fantasy Magazine website
Duties: Maintain the advertising network tools, add new ads, remove old ones, and respond to advertiser questions.
Benefits: Commission-based. Inquire further.

If interested, drop me a line at including the position(s) you’re interested in, and why you’re qualified.

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