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The Year’s Best SF and Fantasy, 2010 Recommended Reading, Part 3

This month, Fantasy Magazine will continue to present all the recommended reading listed in The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2010 Edition, edited by Rich Horton, forthcoming in June from Prime Books, posting a section each Friday. Here’s part 3:

Mary Robinette Kowal, “First Flight” (, August)
Naomi Kritzer, “The Good Son” (Jim Baen’s Universe, February)
Ellen Kushner, “’A Wild and Wicked Youth” (F&SF, April-May)
Jay Lake and Shannon Page, “Rolling Steel” (Clarkesworld, April)
Jay Lake, “Chain of Stars” (Subterranean, Fall)
John Lambshead, “Storming Hell” (Jim Baen’s Universe, April)
Margo Lanagan, “Sea-Hearts” (x6)
Tanith Lee, “Clockatrice” (Fantasy, October)
Yoon Ha Lee, “The Unstrung Zither” (F&SF, March)
Tanith Lee, “Comfort and Despair” (Lace and Blade 2)
David D. Levine, “Aggro Radius” (Gamer Fantastic)
Marissa K. Lingen, “Five Ways to Ruin a First Date” (Not One of Us #42)
Rochita Loenan-Ruiz, “Breaking the Spell” (Philippine Speculative Fiction IV)
Richard A. Lovett, “Excellence” (Analog, January-February)
Sandra McDonald, “Diana Comet” (Strange Horizons, March 2-9)
Maureen McHugh, “Useless Things” (Eclipse Three)
Will McIntosh, “Bridesicle” (Asimov’s, January)
Eugene Mirabelli, “Love in Another Language” (Not One of Us #42)
Sarah Monette, “White Charles” (Clarkesworld, September)
James Morrow, “Bigfoot and the Bodhisattva” (Conjunctions 52)
Shweta Narayan, “Daya and Dharma” (GUD, Spring)
Charles Oberndorf, “Another Life” (F&SF, October-November)
Holly Phillips, “Thieves of Silence” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies, July 16)
Tony Pi, “Come-From-Aways” (On Spec, Spring)
Steven Popkes, “Two Boys” (Asimov’s, August)

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