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The Year’s Best SF and Fantasy, Honorable Mentions, Part 2

This month, Fantasy Magazine will continue to present all the honorable mentions listed in The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2009 Edition, edited by Rich Horton,  forthcoming in December from Prime Books, posting a section each Tuesday.  Here’s section two.

Deborah Coates, “How to Hide a Heart” (Strange Horizons, January 31)
Tina Connolly, “The Bitrunners” (Helix, Summer)
Constance Cooper, “The Wily Thing” (Black Gate, Spring)
Cory Doctorow, “The Things that Make Me Weak and Strange Get Engineered Away (, August)
Brendan DuBois,Not Enough Stars in the Night” (Cosmos Online, May 9)
David Dumitru, “Little Moon, Too, Goes Round” (Aeon Thirteen)
Hal Duncan, “The Toymaker’s Grief” (Lone Star Stories, October)
Hal Duncan, “The Behold of the Eye” (Lone Star Stories, August)
Carol Emshwiller, “Master of the Road to Nowhere” (Asimov’s, March)
Rebecca Epstein, “When We Were Stardust” (Fantasy, February)
Charles Coleman Finlay, “The Political Prisoner” (F&SF, August)
Charles Coleman Finlay, “The Rapeworm” (Noctem Aeturnus)
Carolyn Ives Gilman, “Arkfall” (F&SF, September)
Kathleen Ann Goonan, “Memory Dog” (Asimov’s, April/May)
Peni R. Griffin, “The Singers in the Tower” (Realms of Fantasy, February)
Merrie Haskell, “The Girl-Prince” (Coyote Wild, August)
Merrie Haskell, “The Wedding Dress Parties of 2443” (Quantum Kiss, October 9)
Nina Kiriki Hoffman, “Trophy Wives” (Fellowship Fantastic)
Nina Kiriki Hoffman, “The Trouble with the Truth” (The Dimension Next Door)
Alex Irvine, “Mystery Hill” (F&SF, January)
Paul Jessup, “A World Without Ghosts” (Fantasy, April)
Alaya Dawn Johnson, “Down the Well” (Strange Horizons, August 4)
John Kessel, “Pride and Prometheus” (F&SF, January)
Nicole Kornher-Stace, “Yell Alley” (Fantasy, October)
Ted Kosmatka, “N-Words” (Seeds of Change)
Nancy Kress, “First Rites” (Baen’s Universe, October)

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