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The Weirdest Fairy-Tale Wishes Ever Made

Thanks to a tireless awareness campaign on behalf of folklorists everywhere, the dangers of your standard wishes are well-known these days. In the wrong hands, we all know, a wish can go terribly wrong.


How to Stock Your Magic-Fighting Toolkit

Supernatural evil is perhaps the oldest fear among humankind. Every culture throughout history recognizes some form of the evil eye, and acknowledges some form of a curse.


The Messengers, Monsters, and Moral Instructors of Islamic Literature

Angel, Djinn, and Ghoul: each of these creatures appears in numerous Islamic scriptures or stories, from the Qur’an to the Thousand and One Nights to epic poetry.


The Princess is Dead, Long Live the Princess!

From word-of-mouth storytelling to printed texts to cinematic adaptations, the princess has been defined and redefined in remarkable ways.


Conversations with Wolves

A dog will tell you what is on her mind; to learn what is on a wolf’s mind, we must do much more than merely listen.


When Wizards Rock

Sauron, Cthulhu, and Death Eaters be warned: Wizards were meant to rock.


Indistinguishable From Magic

Remember Tom Cruise’s amazing computer display in Minority Report? Well, today that technology is a reality.


Talking to the Dead

What are the real-world examples and practices of necromancy? And do you really have to dress like Dracula’s flamboyant goth cousin to be a necromancer?


Back To Bordertown

It’s been thirteen years since the Way to Bordertown mysteriously closed. But now editors Ellen Kushner and Holly Black have re-opened it to us with Welcome to Bordertown.


Five Ways to Cheat the Devil

Sure, the most obvious option is to take the standard contract, but as many of us have learned the hard way, the standard contract isn’t usually the best deal you can get.