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November 2020 (Issue 61)

Welcome to issue sixty-one-and the triumphant return!-of FANTASY MAGAZINE! In this issue we have Shingai Njeri Kagunda's heartbreaking tale of a time-skipping sister told with a dash of poetry, "And This Is How to Stay Alive"; a surreal tale of perspective, "An Introduction" by Reina Hardy; May Chong's wildly fun and sensual werewolf fantasy poem, "things i love about my werewolf girlfriend"; "The Secret Ingredient is Always the Same," by Sarah Grey, a poem of heartbreak, survival, and friendship; Osahon Ize-Iyamu brings us a story of personal truth and potential in "To Look Forward"; Tamoha Sengupta gives a brief, vivid account of young love and pure rebellion in "Love Laws and a Locked Heart". All this, plus we have an interview with BURNING ROSES author S.L. Huang and author spotlights with two of our authors.

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Fantasy #60, People of Colo(u)r Destroy Fantasy! Special Issue

LIGHTSPEED was founded on the core idea that all science fiction is real science fiction, and that all fantasy is real fantasy. The whole point of this magazine is that science fiction and fantasy is vast. It is inclusive. It is about all people and for all people.

Funded as a stretch goal of LIGHTSPEED’s People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction! Kickstarter campaign, we’re happy to present a special one-off issue of our otherwise discontinued sister-magazine, FANTASY (which was merged into Lightspeed in 2012), called People of Colo(u)r Destroy Fantasy!: an all-fantasy extravaganza entirely written (and edited!) by POC creators.

The People of Colo(u)r Destroy Fantasy! special issue exists to relieve a brokenness in the genre that’s been enabled time and time again by favoring certain voices and portrayals of particular characters. Here we bring together a team of POC writers and editors from around the globe to present fantasy that explores the nuances of culture, race, and history. This is fantasy for our present time, but also, most of all, for our future.

People of Colo(u)r Destroy Fantasy! is 100% written and edited by people of color, and is lead by guest editor Daniel José Older, with editorial contributions from Amal El-Mohtar, Tobias S. Buckell, Arley Sorg, and others. It features four original, never-before-published short stories, from N.K. Jemisin, P. Djèlí Clark, Darcie Little Badger, and Thoraiya Dyer.

Plus, there’s four classic reprints by Shweta Narayan, Leanne Simpson, Celeste Rita Baker, and Sofia Samatar. On top of all that, we also have an array of nonfiction articles and interviews, from Justina Ireland, Ibi Zoboi, Erin Roberts, Karen Lord, John Chu, Chinelo Onwualu, and Brandon O’Brien, as well as original illustrations by Reimena Yee, Emily Osborne, and Ana Bracic.

Enjoy the destruction!

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Fantasy #59, Queers Destroy Fantasy! special issue

Funded as a stretch goal of LIGHTSPEED’s Queers Destroy Science Fiction! Kickstarter campaign, this month we’re presenting a special one-off issue of our otherwise discontinued sister-magazine, FANTASY, called Queers Destroy Fantasy!: an all-fantasy extravaganza entirely written--and edited!--by queer creators. Here’s what we’ve got lined up for you in this special issue:

Original fantasy (edited by Christopher Barzak) by Catherynne M. Valente, Kai Ashante Wilson, Carlea Holl-Jensen, and Richard Bowes;

Reprints (selected by Liz Gorinsky) by Caitlin R. Kiernan, Austin Bunn, Shweta Narayan, and Nicola Griffith;

Nonfiction articles (edited by Matthew Cheney) by merritt kopas, Matthew Cheney, Keguro Macharia, Ekaterina Sedia, Mary Anne Mohanraj, and Ellen Kushner;

Original cover illustration by Priscilla Kim and original interior illustrations by Goñi Montes, Odera Igbokwe, Sam Schechter, Elizabeth Leggett, and Vlada Monakhova.

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Fantasy #58, Women Destroy Fantasy! special issue

Funded as a stretch goal of LIGHTSPEED’s Women Destroy Science Fiction! Kickstarter campaign, this month we’re presenting a special one-off issue and triumphant return of FANTASY! It's called Women Destroy Fantasy!, and it's all-fantasy extravaganza entirely written and edited by women.

Here’s what we’ve got lined up for you in this special issue:

Original fantasy (edited by long-time FANTASY editor Cat Rambo) by Kate Hall, H.E. Roulo, T. Kingfisher, and Julia August.

Reprints (selected by legendary editor Terri Windling) by Delia Sherman, Emma Bull, Carol Emshwiller, and Nalo Hopkinson.

Nonfiction articles (edited by LIGHTSPEED managing editor Wendy N. Wagner) by Kameron Hurley, Galen Dara, Sandra Wickham, Shanna Germain, Sofia Samatar, Kat Howard, and Wendy N. Wagner. Plus an original cover illustration by Elizabeth Leggett.

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Fantasy #57

Editorial by John Joseph Adams
Her Lover's Golden Hair' by Nike Sulway (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Nike Sulway by T. J. McIntyre (spotlight)
Feature Interview: Puss in Boots director Chris Miller by Andrew Penn Romine (interview)
Torn Away by Joe R. Lansdale (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Joe R. Lansdale by Jennifer Konieczny (spotlight)
The Deathly Shadows in Our Lives by Veronica L. Schanoes (nonfiction)
Crystal Halloway and the Forgotten Passage by Seanan McGuire (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Seanan McGuire by Wendy N. Wagner (spotlight)
Falling With Style, Travelling Through Portals by Alasdair Stuart (nonfiction)
Vici by Naomi Novik (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Naomi Novik by T. J. McIntyre (spotlight)
Three Dragons by Genevieve Valentine (nonfiction)
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Fantasy #56

Editorial by John Joseph Adams
Seven Spells to Sever the Heart by K.M. Ferebee (fiction)
Author Spotlight: K.M. Ferebee by T. J. McIntyre (spotlight)
Feature Interview: Charlaine Harris by John Joseph Adams & David Barr Kirtley (interview)
Christopher Raven by Theodora Goss (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Theodora Goss by Jennifer Konieczny (spotlight)
Shades of the Nineteenth Century by Helen Pilinovsky (nonfiction)
Red Dawn: A Chow Mein Western by Lavie Tidhar (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Lavie Tidhar by T. J. McIntyre (spotlight)
Home on the Strange by Emma Bull (nonfiction)
The Swordsman Whose Name Was Not Death by Ellen Kushner (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Ellen Kushner by Wendy N. Wagner (spotlight)
The Pen and the Sword by Kat Howard (nonfiction)
Coming Attractions

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Fantasy #55

Editorial, by John Joseph Adams
The Secret Beach by Tim Pratt (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Tim Pratt (interview)
Feature Interview: Richard K. Morgan, by Andrew Liptak (interview)
Absolute Zero by Nadia Bulkin (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Nadia Bulkin
The Downsides of Dating a God by Genevieve Valentine (nonfiction)
Unnatural Disaster by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Kristine Kathryn Rusch (interview)
Five Ocean-Dwelling Creatures That Look Like Aliens (But Aren't) by Jeremiah Tolbert (nonfiction)
The Invisibles by Charles de Lint (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Charles de Lint (interview)
Are You Watching Carefully? by Christopher Priest (nonfiction)
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Fantasy #54

Editorial by John Joseph Adams
Lessons From a Clockwork Queen by Megan Arkenberg (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Megan Arkenberg by T. J. McIntyre
Steampunk and the Architecture of Idealism by David Brothers (nonfiction)
Using It and Losing It by Jonathan Lethem (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Jonathan Lethem by Wendy N. Wagner
The Language of Fantasy by David Salo (nonfiction)
The Nymph's Child by Carrie Vaughn (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Carrie Vaughn by Jennifer Konieczny
Ten Reasons to be a Pirate by John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur & Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers (nonfiction)
Three Damnations: A Fugue by James Alan Gardner (fiction)
Author Spotlight: James Alan Gardner by T. J. McIntyre
Feature Interview: Brandon Sanderson by Leigh Butler (nonfiction)
Coming Attractions

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Fantasy #53

Editorial by John Joseph Adams
The World is Cruel, My Daughter by Cory Skerry (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Cory Skerry by T. J. McIntyre (spotlight)
Feature Interview: Seanan McGuire by Paul Goat Allen (nonfiction)
The Pragmatical Princess by Nisi Shawl (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Nisi Shawl by Wendy N. Wagner (spotlight)
The Messengers, Monsters, and Moral Instructors of Islamic Literature by Saladin Ahmed (nonfiction)
Crossroads by Laura Anne Gilman (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Laura Anne Gilman by Jennifer Konieczny (spotlight)
How to Stock Your Magic-Fighting Toolkit by Abby Goldsmith (nonfiction)
The Edge of the World by Michael Swanwick (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Michael Swanwick by T. J. McIntyre (spotlight)
The Weirdest Fairy-Tale Wishes Ever Made by Genevieve Valentine (nonfiction)
Coming Attractions

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Fantasy #52

Editorial by John Joseph Adams
Union Falls by J. S. Breukelaar (fiction)
Author Spotlight: J. S. Breukelaar by Jennifer Konieczny
When Wizards Rock by Wendy N. Wagner (nonfiction)
The Machine by M. Rickert (fiction)
Author Spotlight: M. Rickert by T. J. McIntyre (nonfiction)
Feature Interview: Jacqueline Carey by Hannah Strom-Martin
The Wolves of Brooklyn by Catherynne M. Valente (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Catherynne M. Valente by Wendy N. Wagner
Conversations with Wolves by Lauren Davis (nonfiction)
Swans by Kelly Link (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Kelly Link by Rebecca McNulty
The Princess is Dead, Long Live the Princess! by Helen Pilinovsky (nonfiction)
Coming Attractions

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #51

Editorial by John Joseph Adams
Prince of Thirteen Days by Alaya Dawn Johnson (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Alaya Dawn Johnson by T. J. McIntyre
Back to Bordertown by Mia Nutick (nonfiction)
The Immortality Game by Cat Rambo (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Cat Rambo by Jennifer Konieczny
Feature Interview: Jennifer Yuh Nelson, director of Kung Fu Panda 2 by Andrew Penn Romine (nonfiction)
Virgin of the Sands by Holly Phillips (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Holly Phillips by Wendy N. Wagner
Talking to the Dead by Randy Henderson (nonfiction)
You Have Been Turned Into a Zombie by a Friend by Jeremiah Tolbert (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Jeremiah Tolbert by T. J. McIntyre
Indistinguishable From Magic by Abby Fichtner (nonfiction)
Coming Attractions

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #50

Editorial by John Joseph Adams
Study, for Solo Piano by Genevieve Valentine (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Genevieve Valentine by Jennifer Konieczny
Now Hiring in the Airship Lounge by Stephen A. Watkins (nonfiction)
Creation by Jeffrey Ford (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Jeffrey Ford by T. J. McIntyre
Man-Made Men by Alexander C. Irvine (nonfiction)
The Devil in Gaylord's Creek by Sarah Monette (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Sarah Monette by T. J. McIntyre
Five Ways to Cheat the Devil by Heather Shaw (nonfiction)
Sandmagic by Orson Scott Card (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Orson Scott Card by Wendy N. Wagner (nonfiction)
Feature Interview: Dragon Age II Developers David Gaider & Heather Rabatich by Matt London
Coming Attractions

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #49

Editorial by John Joseph Adams
Choose Your Own Adventure by Kat Howard (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Kat Howard
Choosing Our Own Adventures by Molly Tanzer (nonfiction)
The Woman Who Married the Man in the Moon by Peter S. Beagle (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Peter S. Beagle
Feature Interview: N. K. Jemisin by Paul Goat Allen (nonfiction)
House of Gears by Jonathan L. Howard (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Jonathan L. Howard
"A silver swan, which had a living grace": A Brief, Bizarre Collection of Historical Automatons by Genevieve Valentine (nonfiction)
A Hunter's Ode to His Bait by Carrie Vaughn (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Carrie Vaughn
The Unicorn Tapestry and Other Depictions by Helen Pilinovsky (nonfiction)
Coming Attractions

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #48

Editorial by John Joseph Adams
The Sandal-Bride by Genevieve Valentine (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Genevieve Valentine
Three Real Historical Figures Who Embarked Upon the Hero's Journey by Graeme McMillan (nonfiction)
The Dog King by Holly Black (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Holly Black
Five Fantasy Worlds That You Wouldn't Want to Visit by Te Jefferson & J. Corbeau (nonfiction)
The God Orkrem by Tanith Lee (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Tanith Lee
Feature Interview: Steven Erikson by Andrew Bayer
The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr by George R. R. Martin (fiction)
Author Spotlight: George R. R. Martin
From Story to Screen by LaShawn Wanak (nonfiction)
Coming Attractions

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #47

Of Men and Wolves by An Owomoyela (fiction)
The Lizard Dance by Gio Clairval & Jeff VanderMeer (fiction)
The House That Made the Sixteen Loops of Time by Tamsyn Muir (fiction)
The Celebrated Carousel of the Margravine of Blois by Megan Arkenberg (fiction)
Author Spotlight: An Owomoyela
Author Spotlight: Gio Clairval & Jeff VanderMeer
Author Spotlight: Tamsyn Muir
Author Spotlight: Megan Arkenberg

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #46

News Right Fresh From Heaven by Darby Harn (fiction)
Lebkuchen by Priya Sharma (fiction)
Ghost Girl by Lauren Beukes (fiction)
As We Report to Gabriel by Tina Connolly (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Darby Harn
Author Spotlight: Priya Sharma
Author Spotlight: Lauren Beukes
Author Spotlight: Tina Connolly

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #45

The Boy Who Made Stars by Eliza Chan (fiction)
Malleus, Incus, Stapes by Sarah Totton (fiction)
The Gold Silkworm by Tony Pi (fiction)
Holdfast by Matthew Johnson (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Eliza Chan
Author Spotlight: Sarah Totton
Author Spotlight: Tony Pi
Author Spotlight: Matthew Johnson

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #44

From the Countries of Her Dreams by Jay Lake & Shannon Page (fiction)
Mortis Persona by Barbara A. Barnett (fiction)
Liminal by E. Catherine Tobler (fiction)
Mademoiselle and the Chevalier by Mari Ness (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Jay Lake and Shannon Page
Author Spotlight: Barbara A. Barnett
Author Spotlight: E. Catherine Tobler
Author Spotlight: Mari Ness

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #43

Bitterdark by Eljay Daly (fiction)
Monsters by Lavie Tidhar (fiction)
The Interior of Mister Bumblethorn's Coat by Willow Fagan (fiction)
Over the end, and over again. . . by Toiya Kristen Finley (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Eljay Daly
Author Spotlight: Lavie Tidhar
Author Spotlight: Willow Fagan
Author Spotlight: Toiya Kristen Finley

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #42

Nine Bodies of Water by Monica Byrne (fiction)
Logovore by Joseph F. Nacino (fiction)
Bloodlines by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (fiction)
Stone Flowers by Aidan Doyle (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Monica Byrne
Author Spotlight: Joseph F. Nacino
Author Spotlight: Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Author Spotlight: Aidan Doyle

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #41

Where Shadows Meet Light by Rachel Swirsky (fiction)
The Wizard's Calico Daughter by Eilis O'Neal (fiction)
And the Blood of Dead Gods will Mark the Score by Gary Kloster (fiction)
Stem, Stone, and Bone by Deb Taber (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Rachel Swirsky
Author Spotlight: Eilis O'Neal
Author Spotlight: Gary Kloster
Author Spotlight: Deb Taber

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #40

Perhaps this is Kushi's Story by Swapna Kishore (fiction)
Violets for Lee by Desirina Boskovich (fiction)
The Seal of Sulaymaan by Tracy Canfield (fiction)
The Stable Master's Tale by Rachel Swirsky (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Swapna Kishore
Author Spotlight: Desirina Boskovich
Author Spotlight: Tracy Canfield
Author Spotlight: Rachel Swirsky

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #39

Abandonware by An Owomoyela (fiction)
Stereogram of the Gray Fort, in the Days of Her Glory by Paul M. Berger (fiction)
Lost Dogs and Fireplace Archaeology by Chris Howard (fiction)
The Slavesinger by Louise Marley (fiction)
Author Spotlight: An Owomoyela
Author Spotlight: Paul M. Berger
Author Spotlight: Chris Howard
Author Spotlight: Louise Marley

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #38

Daha's Son by Keffy R. M. Kehrli (fiction)
The Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String by Lavie Tidhar (fiction)
Wishes and Feathers by Patricia Russo (fiction)
The Sometimes Child by Caroline Yoachim (fiction)
Interview: Tim Pratt
Author Spotlight: Keffy R.M. Kehrli
Author Spotlight: Lavie Tidhar
Author Spotlight: Caroline Yoachim

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #37

Lighter than Air by Norman Spinrad (fiction)
Exile by Karen Heuler (fiction)
Whisper's Voice by Elena Gleason (fiction)
Hi Bugan ya Hi Kinggawan by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Norman Spinrad
Author Spotlight: Karen Heuler
Author Spotlight: Elena Gleason
Author Spotlight: Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #36

Saving the Gleeful Horse by KJ Bishop (fiction)
In the Emperor's Garden by Jay Lake & Shannon Page (fiction)
The City of Lobster, or, The Dancers on Anchorage St. by Alex Dally MacFarlane (fiction)
Bearing Fruit by Nikki Alfar (fiction)
Author Spotlight: K.J. Bishop
Author Spotlight: Jay Lake & Shannon Page
Author Spotlight: Alex Dally MacFarlane
Author Spotlight: Nikki Alfar

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #35

A Stray by Scott William Carter & Ray Vukcevich (fiction)
Tenientes by Nathaniel Williams (fiction)
The Armature of Flight by Sharon Mock (fiction)
Stranger by Patricia Russo (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Scott William Carter & Ray Vukcevich
Author Spotlight: Nathaniel Williams
Author Spotlight: Sharon Mock

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #34

After the Dragon by Sarah Monette (fiction)
my mother, the ghost by Willow Fagan (fiction)
Above It All by Carol Emshwiller (fiction)
The Wing Collection by Eilis O'Neal (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Sarah Monette
Author Spotlight: Willow Fagan
Author Spotlight: Carol Emshwiller
Author Spotlight: Eilis O'Neal

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #33

Choke Point by Sarah Totton (fiction)
The Tongue of Bees by Claire Humphrey (fiction)
The Raccoon's Daughter by Nicole Kornher-Stace (fiction)
The Chrysanthemum Bride by Angela Slatter (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Sarah Totton
Author Spotlight: Claire Humphrey
Author Spotlight: Angela Slatter

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #32

Reading by Numbers by Aidan Doyle (fiction)
Into the Monsoon by A. M. Muffaz (fiction)
Medusa Complex by Christie Skipper Ritchotte (fiction)
My Best Friend's Girl by Ari Goelman (fiction)
Cesare by Megan Arkenberg (fiction)
The Confessions of Prince Charming by Kelly Barnhill (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Aidan Doyle
Author Spotlight: Christie Skipper Ritchotte

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #31

Clockatrice by Tanith Lee (fiction)
La Mer by Simon Logan (fiction)
Jews in Antarctica by Lavie Tidar (fiction)
Undocumented by Rachel Swirsky (fiction)
Light on the Water by Genevieve Valentine (fiction)
In Dreams Tangible by Su-Yee Lin (fiction)
A Song to Greet the Sun by Alaya Dawn Johnson (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Genevieve Valentine

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #30

The White Part of the Apple by Emily Tersoff (fiction)
The Good Window by Lisa Hannett (fiction)
Tending the Mori Birds by Caroline M. Yoachim (fiction)
The Girl in the Green Sequined Dress by Berrien Henderson (fiction)
Images of Anna by Nancy Kress (fiction)
The Moon Over Tokyo through Leaves in the Fall by Jerome Stueart (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Lisa Hannett
Author Spotlight: Berrien Henderson
Author Spotlight: Nancy Kress
Author Spotlight: Jerome Stueart

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #29

Offerings by Stephanie Burgis (fiction)The Vigilant by Dirk Strasser (fiction)Golden Lilies by Aliette de Bodard (fiction)Notes Toward a Comparative Mythology by Nicole Kornher-Stace (fiction)Playing with Spades by Mari Ness (fiction)Author Spotlight: Stephanie BurgisAuthor Spotlight: Dirk StrasserAuthor Spotlight: Aliette de BodardAuthor Spotlight: Mari Ness

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #28

The Integrity of the Chain by Lavie Tidhar (fiction)
The Water Tower by John Mantooth (fiction)
Trench Foot by Catherine J. Gardner (fiction)
Lake Tahoe's Lover by Nadia Bulkin (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Lavie Tidhar
Author Spotlight: John Mantooth
Author Spotlight: Catherine J. Gardner
Author Spotlight: Nadia Bulkin

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #27

Woman in Abaya with Onion by Ruth Nestvold (fiction)
Superhero Girl by Jessica Lee (fiction)
People of Leaf and Branch by Jay Lake (fiction)
Timepiece by Gay Partington Terry (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Ruth Nestvold
Author Spotlight: Jessica Lee
Author Spotlight: Gay Partington Terry

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #26

Oh He Is by Karen Heuler (fiction)
Revisionist History by Alison Campbell-Wise (fiction)
Voice Like a Cello by Catherine Cheek (fiction)
Ozma Appears by L. Frank Baum (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Karen Heuler
Author Spotlight: Alison Campbell-Wise
Author Spotlight: Catherine Cheek

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #25

Garkain by Samantha Henderson
Early Winter, Near Jenli Village by J. Kathleen Cheney
Shades of White and Road by Camille Alexa
The Most Dangerous Profession by Sergey Gerasimov
Author Spotlight: Samantha Henderson
Author Spotlight: J. Kathleen Cheney
Author Spotlight: Camille Alexa
Author Spotlight: Sergey Gerasimov

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #24

Chemical Magic by Katherine Sparrow
Jane by Nicole Kornher-Stace
Birds by Jean-Claude Dunyach
White Stone by Genevieve Valentine
Miss Cubbidge and the Dragon of Romance by Lord Dunsany
Author Spotlight: Nicole Kornher-Stace
Author Spotlight: Lord Dunsany

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #23

The Adventures of Petal, the Paperdoll Pirate by Paul Jessup (fiction)
The Men Burned All the Boats by Patricia Russo (fiction)
Teaching a Pink Elephant to Ski by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (fiction)
The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Paul Jessup

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #22

The Gnomes Are Coast Guards by Chantel Tattoli (fiction)
The Moon, a Roman Token by Darren Speegle (fiction)
Leningrad by D. Elizabeth Wasden (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Chantel Tattoli
Author Spotlight: Darren Speegle
Author Spotlight: D. Elizabeth Wasden

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #21

Keepity Keep by Carole Lanham (fiction)
The Queen of Hearts by Daniel Homan (fiction)
A Trail of Demure Virgins by Sara Saab (fiction)
Geddarien by Rose Lemberg (fiction)
Merry Christmas by Stephen Leacock (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Carole Lanham
Author Spotlight: Daniel Homan
Author Spotlight: Sara Saab
Author Spotlight: Rose Lemberg

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #20

The Black-Iron Drum by Von Carr (fiction)
Scatter and Return, the Eyes of the Princes by Willow Fagan (fiction)
The Nest Building Habits of Children Inclined to Ornithomancy and Other Such Auguries by Berrien C. Henderson (fiction)
When I Was a Witch by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Von Carr
Author Spotlight: Willow Fagan
Author Spotlight: Berrien C. Henderson
Ten Things You Should Know About Twilight by Genevieve Valentine (column)

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #19

The Plagiarist by Alex Rose (fiction)
A Spell for Twelve Brothers by Erzebet Yellowboy (fiction)
The Banyan Tree by Jeannette Westwood (fiction)
Yell Alley by Nicole Kornher-Stace (fiction)
The Summoning of Spirits Too Far from Home by Deb Taber (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Alex Rose
Author Spotlight: Erzebet YellowBoy
Author Spotlight: Jeannette Westwood
Author Spotlight: Deb Taber

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #18

The Annie Oakley Show by Ari Goelman (fiction)
In This City by Brian Dolton (fiction)
Nora by Becca De La Rosa (fiction)
A Foreigner's View of the River by A. M. Muffaz (fiction)
Original Gangster by Jim Hines (fiction)
Five Thoughts on the Popularity of Steampunk by Stephen H. Segal (column)

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #17

The Things in the Box by Ursula Pflug (fiction)
Gods of the Spiderhole by J M McDermott (fiction)
Penguin and Wren by Christie Skipper Ritchotte (fiction)
Gravity by Peter Higgins (fiction)
Author Spotlight: J M McDermott

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #16

Masks of War by J. Kathleen Cheney (fiction)
Sweetwater by Lilah Wild (fiction)
Watermark by Michael Greenhut (fiction)
Practicing Perfection by Cathy Freeze (fiction)
Author Spotlight: J. Kathleen Cheney
Author Spotlight: Michael Greenhut
Interview: Chris Howard

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #15

The Lodger at Wintertide by E. Catherine Tobler (fiction)
His One True Bride by Darja Malcolm-Clarke (fiction)
Sorrowbird by Sean Markey (fiction)
Marrying the Sun by Rachel Swirsky (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Rachel Swirsky
Author Spotlight: Darja Malcolm-Clarke

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #14

On the Finding of Photographs of My Former Loves by Peter M. Ball (fiction)
The Shadow in the Mirror by Mari Ness (fiction)
The Small Door by Holly Phillips (fiction)
Mirror Images by Rachel Swirsky (fiction)

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #13

A Word Without Ghosts by Paul Jessup (fiction)
The Cinnamon Cavalier by Richard Bowes (fiction)
Erased by Elena Gleason (fiction)
The 21st Century Isobel Down by Stacy Sinclair (fiction)

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #12

Petrella by Charlene Brusso (fiction)
Fire-Bringer by Nick Mamatas (fiction)
Glass by Nikki Alfar (fiction)
Alphabet by Becca De La Rosa (fiction)
Turnipseed by Erik Amundsen (fiction)

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #11

Cockatrice Girl Meets Statue Boy by Willow Fagan (fiction)
When We Were Stardust by Rebecca Epstein (fiction)
Début-de-siècle by Jonathan Wood (fiction)
The Fable of Cinnamon and Bitter by Trent Walters (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Rebecca Epstein

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #10

Bones by Leslie Claire Walker (fiction)
Pahwakhe by Gord Sellar (fiction)
Notes on the Untimely Death of Ronia Drake by Kelly Barnhill (fiction)
Painting Walls in the Town of N by Stephanie Campisi (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Gord Sellar
Author Spotlight: Stephanie Campisi

Price: $2.99


Fantasy #9

Time to Say Goodnight by Caroline M. Yoachim (fiction)
As Soon as Summer by Amber van Dyk (fiction)
The Promise by Nicole Kornher-Stace (fiction)
The Comb by Marly Youmans (fiction)
Author Spotlight: Caroline M. Yoachim
Author Spotlight: Nicole Kornher-Stace

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Fantasy #8

Elsbeth Rose by Lavie Tidhar (fiction)
Possession by Ben Peek (fiction)
Shedding Her Own Skin by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (fiction)
Keeping Lilly by Michael Obilade (fiction)
Swan by Eilis O'Neal (fiction)

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Fantasy #7

Goosegirl by Margaret Ronald (fiction)
All the Growing Time by Becca De La Rosa (fiction)
Somewhere Beneath Those Waves Was Her Home by Sarah Monette (fiction)
Shallot by Samantha Henderson (fiction)
Bone Mother by Maura McHugh (fiction)
The Greats Come A-Callin' by Lisa Mantchev (fiction)
Zombie Lenin by Ekaterina Sedia (fiction)
The Yeti Behind You by Jeremiah Tolbert (fiction)
The Salvation Game by Amanda Downum (fiction)
Sugar by Cat Rambo (fiction)
Brother of the Moon by Holly Phillips (fiction)
* Note: This issue was originally published in Summer 2007 as an anthology called FANTASY (978-0809556991), which was intended to serve as a sampler for FANTASY MAGAZINE.

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Fantasy #6

His Wife by Bruce McAllister (fiction)
Fish Girl by Beth Adele Long (fiction)
Remembering Ophelia by Alison Campbell-Wise (fiction)
The Girl With Blueberry Eyes by Lisa Mantchev (fiction)
Seven Crooked Tinies by Marly Youmans (fiction)
The Impossibility of Crows by Catherine M. Morrison (fiction)
The Boulder by Lucy Kemnitzer (fiction)
On the Day of My Detonation by Stephanie Campisi (fiction)
Soft, Like a Rabbit by Andrea Kail (fiction)
Interview: Andrea Kail
Interview: Lisa Snellings-Clark
Book Reviews

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Fantasy #5

Editor's Foreword
Bear Lake by Margaret Ronald (fiction)
The Dead Girl's Wedding March by Cat Rambo (fiction)
The Truth According to Margot Williams by Leslie Claire Walker (fiction)
Such a Lovely Shade of Green by Samantha Henderson (fiction)
The Words the Rain Wrote by January Mortimer (fiction)
A Garden in Hell by Richard Parks (fiction)
Furnace Room Lullaby by Leah Bobet (fiction)
Disquiet by Amber van Dyk (fiction)
Among Their Bright Eyes by Alaya Dawn Johnson (fiction)
At the Core by Erzebet YellowBoy (fiction)
Interview: Erzebet YellowBoy
Interview: Juliet Ulman
Book Reviews

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Fantasy #4

Alicia's Prayer by Lisa Ann Figueroa (fiction)
The Matreshka by Marly Youmans (fiction)
Branson Rebellion by Megan Messinger (fiction)
Irregular Verbs by Matthew Johnson (fiction)
Under the Red Sun by Ben Peek (fiction)
Rosemary, for Remembrance by Hannah Wolf Bowen (fiction)
The Green Man by Amber van Dyk (fiction)
After Midnight by Alison Campbell-Wise (fiction)
Mosquito Story by Afifah Myra Muffaz (fiction)
Why the Balloon Man Floats Away by Stephanie Campisi (fiction)
Dead Sea Fruit by Kaaron Warren (fiction)
Exposure by Darren Speegle (fiction)
Ticket to Ride by E. Catherine Tobler (fiction)
Mushrooms Sprouting in Your Footsteps Like Tears by Catherine M. Morrison (fiction)
During the Dance by Len Bains (fiction)
Bizarre Cubique by Hal Duncan (fiction)
Interview: Hal Duncan
Book Reviews

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Fantasy #3

Manuel and the Magic Fox by Ekaterina Sedia (fiction)
Black Eyed Moon by Darby Harn (fiction)
Salt Wine by Peter S. Beagle (fiction)
Watch Dog by Hannah Wolf Bowen (fiction)
Susano's Comb by Jeannette Westwood (fiction)
The Dawn Walker by Marly Youmans (fiction)
Boy On A Bicycle by M. Thomas (fiction)
There Is No Rice Pudding In the Sea by Anna Tambour (fiction)
The Green House by Sandra McDonald (fiction)
Trees, Like Candles, Dripping Wax by Resa Nelson (fiction)
Fortunate Brave by Leslie Claire Walker (fiction)
Hungry Ghosts by M.E. Palmer (fiction)
Interview: Peter S. Beagle
Book Reviews

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Fantasy #2

Sparking Anger by Margaret Ronald (fiction)
Ragazzo by Bruce McAllister (fiction)
Lessons With Miss Gray by Theodora Goss (fiction)
Cotton Country by Aaron Schutz (fiction)
Nine Tails, Hundred Hearts by Yoon Ha Lee (fiction)
Children of the Revolution by Lavie Tidhar (fiction)
On the Bus by Patricia Russo (fiction)
Light of the Moon by Karen Anne Mitchell (fiction)
The Novel of the Holocaust by Stewart O'Nan (fiction)
The Voices of the Snakes by Karina Sumner-Smith (fiction)
The Sphinx and Ernest Hemingway by Wade Ogletree (fiction)
Madonna Littoralis by Caitlin R. Kiernan (fiction)
It's Against the Law to Feed the Ducks by Paul G. Tremblay (fiction)
Interview: Theodora Goss
Book Reviews

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Fantasy #1

The Tyrant in Love by Tim Pratt (fiction)
To Make the Dead Speak by Margaret Ronald (fiction)
Bones Like Black Sugar by Catherynne M. Valente (fiction)
The Finer Points of Destruction by Richard Parks (fiction)
Hanging the Glass 7 Sarah Brandywine Johnson (fiction)
Shriek (an excerpt) by Jeff VanderMeer (fiction)
The Sense of Spirals by Sonya Taaffe (fiction)
Sun, in Its Copper Season by Vera Nazarian (fiction)
Tear Her Standard Down by Megan Messinger (fiction)
A Sure and Certain Song by Erzebet YellowBoy (fiction)
Closer to the Lung by Simon Logan (fiction)
The Bunny of Vengeance and the Bear of Death by Eugie Foster (fiction)
At the End of the Hall by Nick Mamatas (fiction)
Summer Ice by Holly Phillips (fiction)
In The House Of Four Seasons by Jeffrey Ford (fiction)
Interview: Jeffrey Ford by Matthew Cheney
Book Reviews

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