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February 2022 (Issue 76)

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Welcome to issue 76 of FANTASY MAGAZINE! In this issue's short fiction, family gatherings are rendered larger than life in S. Fambul's "Cousins Season," and "Slow Communication" by Dominique Dickey explores a conversation over generations; in flash fiction, Allahrakhi Memon takes us on a strange journey in "The Unseen," and Julia August's "After Naxos, Ariadne" redefines the labyrinth; for poetry, we have "The Prophet, To His Angel" by Bogi Takacs and "Mister Potato Head" by Mark Dimaisip. Plus a collective interview with a few notable short fictioneers: Christopher Caldwell, WC Dunlap, Tenea D. Johnson, Sam J. Miller, Russell Nichols, Suzan Palumbo, Pamela Rentz, Eden Royce, and A.C. Wise.

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