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Aynjel Kaye

Aynjel Kaye is a queer bioluminescent deep-sea monster in a human suit, lured ashore by the promise of chocolate lava cake and fancy cocktails. A graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop, zir work has appeared in Strange HorizonsPolyphony 5 (Wheatland Press, 2005), So Fey (Lethe Press, 2009), and Daughters of Frankenstein (Lethe Press, 2015). Zie makes zir home near the overcast coastline of Washington State, where zie wrangles computer issues by day and gleefully stalks pixelated prey when the sun goes down.  If you listen carefully on a moonless night, you might catch zir whispering strange stories about love and other slippery, slithery things into the void. Find zir online at and on Twitter as @aynjelfyre, where zie often grumbles about stories oozing beyond the bounds of short fiction word counts.