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Fatima Taqvi

Fatima Taqvi. A brown Asian woman in a red and white pinstripe blouse standing on a grassy field, with a red, black and white checkered scarf around her head, and a black scarf cap framing her face as she gives a toothy smile.

Fatima Taqvi is a Pakistani author who enjoys folklore and strange stories, especially of all the places whose history has made her who she is today. She loves reading about parenting, adopting strays, not cleaning up what is going to be a mess again tomorrow, and having a partner who makes sure all her devices are fully charged. She has words in Strange Horizons, Fusion Fragment, and Tasavvur, and has been shortlisted for the Future Worlds Prize. Fatima also hosts a podcast Saying the Unsayable and can be found on Twitter @FatimaTaqvi.