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Editorial, June 2011

Welcome to issue fifty-one of Fantasy Magazine! Here’s what we’ve got on tap this month:

June 2011June 6

In this story from the new Welcome to Bordertown anthology, a teenage girl learns about the power of art and the depth of love in a city of tricky magic. Alaya Dawn Johnson takes us back to Bordertown—a world originally created by fantasy master Terri Windling—in her story “A Prince of Thirteen Days.”

In the related nonfiction, Mia Nutick goes behind the scenes of Bordertown and talks to the creators of the influential urban fantasy, shared world anthology series.

June 13

If you could get a second chance at your life, what changes would you make? In Cat Rambo’s “The Immortality Game,” a group of friends tries life again … and again … and again….

In our feature interview this month, Andrew Penn Romine talks with Kung Fu Panda 2 director Jennifer Yuh Nelson about movies, myths, and, of course, kung fu.

June 20

Holly Phillips captures the desperation of World War II desert warfare in her story “Virgin of the Sands.” There might not be any rules in love or war, but necromancy has laws that can never be broken.

In our article “Talking to the Dead,” Randy Henderson explores the world of necromancy and finally answers the darkest question of all: Do you have to dress like Dracula’s flamboyant goth cousin to be a necromancer?

June 27

When you’re a teenage net-mage, there’s a lot more to surviving high school than just getting a date to prom—especially when your school’s been overrun by zombies. Find out how the hero of Jeremiah Tolbert’s story, “You Have Been Turned Into a Zombie By a Friend,” survives the attack with only her wits, friends, and cameraphones.

There are new gadgets coming our way that promise to make our computing and technological experiences more naturalistic and exciting than ever. Industry insider Abby Fichtner shows us what’s in store in her article “Indistinguishable From Magic.”


So that’s our issue this month. Thanks for reading!

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