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Food For Thought

For V. Kali

Amy G. Dala went out
for a lunch date
with her brainy friend, Medu La’Oblongata

Both picky eaters
nibbled on each other’s cells
savored estradiol & endorphins

Entertained a Black Cohosh Tea
spiced up with a touch
of adrenaline

They feasted on a salad
of neuro-conductors
with grey matter dressing

For dessert
Amy G. Dala ordered a
A brain freeze gelato

When the waiter arrived with the cold dessert
He found Amy G Dala and Medulla in a brain fart cloud
Laughing glutamate out of their nostrils

They left the Hypothalamus Restaurant
leaning a little on the frontal lobe
singing in the brain fog


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Lisbeth Coiman

Lisbeth Coiman

Lisbeth Coiman is a bilingual author born in Venezuela. She earned her BA in Modern Languages at Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, and her Masters in Education at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Her first book, I Asked the Blue Heron: A Memoir (2017) explores the intersection between immigration and mental health. Her bilingual poetry collection, Uprising / Alzamiento (FLP, 2021) alerts us about the fragility of our democracy. Her work has been featured in online publications: Acentos Review, The Citron Review, The Coachella Review, The Journal of Natural Wonder, La Bloga, Entropy, Lady/Liberty/Lit, Nailed, Hip Mama Magazine, Rabid Oaks, Cultural Weekly, and Resonancias Literarias, and in print media: LA Parent, Spectrum v.16, The Altadena Literary Review, and Accolades: A Women Who Submit Anthology. An avid reader and committed literary citizen, Coiman writes reviews for the New York Journal of Books. A member of Women Who Submit and the host of the La Palabra poetry series, Coiman lives and works in Los Angeles.