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Georgia Clay Blood

I marched through sanctified fields

those fields

in Georgia


Found where my family was



Vultures with scripture for claws


above me


Wild boars with Confederate uniforms for tusks


around me


I stuffed my pious fingers in Georgia clay

and fed it my rage


their agony – their grief

my agony – my grief


Georgia soil

Georgia mud

water so sludgy


with misery

Georgia clay

so crimson, wicked, bloody

and that blood


oh yes–it soaked




into my pores

into the spongy marrow of my bones


But it was like coming home


I was born with Georgia clay blood


Peaches growing here are


with the amniotic remnants of my





You cannot harm me


I was born inside the sharp licks of fire

I have waking nightmares, memories

of torment that isn’t mine


You cannot harm me


Because there have been times in my life

when I can


the slits in my skin after the whistle of the whip

I can


the wretched Georgia sun


my face


across my back


I feel the sun

even when I’m inside, especially when I’m inside


There have been times when I

wake, screaming

the name of a child I’ve never met


We’ve never met

and yet

I am here, existing, with them


I stuffed my pious fingers in Georgia clay

and I fed it my sorrow


their agony – their grief

my agony – my grief


I poured libations (whiskey that burned, charred the soles of my feet)


Their blood/my blood

Their blood/my blood


Blood so red no one notices it’s black

Skin so Black no one notices it’s divine


Beatrice Winifred Iker

Beatrice Winifred Iker

Beatrice grew up in the picturesque (and undoubtedly haunted) valley of the Great Smoky Mountains. As a child, she spent an incalculable time in her grandmother’s living room staring at the unending ridges and peaks; eventually, she decided to write about this bewitching place. A great passion of hers is genealogy and ancestry. As a result, much of her writing lives in the southern gothic genre where she grapples with the South’s history, which is both terrifying and entrancing. Her stories feature characters and themes in the Black, neurodiverse, and queer communities. Her work is published or forthcoming from FIYAH Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, Air and Nothingness Press, and others. Additionally, she will be in the Death in the Mouth horror anthology (Fall 2022). Beatrice lives in New England where she enjoys the snow with her husband, dog, two cats, and robust tarot deck collection.