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Mister Potato Head

Every day of last week, he transformed
me. Monday, I was ten

-eyed and octopedal.
Tuesday, I had three mustaches,

two of which were across
each cheek. Wednesday put lips

between my eyes, while Thursday
gave me six more arms.

Friday, I had hands in place
of eyebrows and a foot

in place of a nose.
Saturday reduced me to nothing

but all ears. And Sunday,
he wore a blindfold and played

pin the body part
on my blank potato face.

Every day of each week, he puts me
together: mixing

and matching fractions of me
according to his liking.

He loves that I have removable parts.
I love that he doesn’t have to accept me

as a whole.

Mark Dimaisip

Mark Dimaisip

Mark Dimaisip is a Filipino poet based in Manila. His poem “Underwater Tongue” placed in the EAL category of 2021 Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition. His works have appeared in The Brasilia Review, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Harana Poetry, Human Parts, Strange Horizons, and elsewhere. He has spoken word tracks in Bigkas Pilipinas, and has performed for poetry slams and literary festivals in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. You can find links to his poems at