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noonday reflections

the day i realized you weren’t just for me anymore

but you were now for someone else too

i found dry sweat in every sheet and skin crease

i died with the daylight

dreamt wild

reincarnated myself


it was all building/rising/threatening

a memorial of the moment when the sadness turned to anger


my taste buds pure

lips moist and patient


for specs of sugar left behind

from the woman i had been when you combed my scalp with grease

and the sun was spilling over

my wrists like blood on the 29th day


the tasting

started in the front of my mouth

my pallet diluted it

as it drifted back

into my esophagus

desperate for crumbs to take with me

into tomorrow.


this time cellos played/i gasped

my silk dress streamed rivers/lakes/ocean currents

i caressed/licked and/attended to

grandma was there crying

Doriana Diaz

Doriana Diaz

Doriana Diaz is a storyteller, shapeshifter, and sensitive spirit rooted in Philadelphia’s soulful rhythms. Doriana is the self-published author of Mami Calls Me Gabriella and Sunphases, both released in 2018. Her words have appeared in platforms such as Nappy Head Club, Black Women Radicals, GROW/N Mag, Saddie Baddies, SYLA Studio, Black Girl Magik, We Heal Too, The Kraal, and many more! She believes words have DNA, they sit under our skin, erupting into soft and vivid explosions through our veins like lighting. Her writing is an exploration of cultural agency, archival documentation, and rhythms of resistance and expansion.