From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism

Self-Inflicted Haunt

I confess my guilt time and again—

planting messages hidden in cross-stitched

pillows, refrigerator magnets, fingers dragged

across shower-fogged mirrors, until

the house is full of ghosts.

AJ Wentz

AJ Wentz

AJ Wentz writes speculative poetry and prose. Her work has appeared in Eye to the Telescope, Riddled with Arrows, Fireflies’ Light, and elsewhere. When not daydreaming about other worlds, AJ is an attorney who works to make this one more just. She lives in Arkansas with her husband, cat, and too many copies of Pride & Prejudice. She always has a cup of tea in hand and an extra mug to share. AJ can be found at or on Twitter as @ajwentzwrites.