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January 2023 (Issue 87)

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Welcome to issue 87 of FANTASY MAGAZINE! In this issue's short fiction, Erin Brown grows a little hope in "Skyscrapers That Twist to the Sun," and "Broodmare" by Flossie Arend gives us a dark glimpse into the future; in flash fiction, Ruth Joffre turns the lens on us in "A Brief Catalog of Humans, as Observed by the Cryptids of Encante," and in "Monsters" Liz Colter peels away some uncomfortable layers; for poetry, we have "As the Witch Burns" by Marisca Pichette and "I Should Have Been A Pair of Ragged Claws" by Alice Towey. Plus an interview with Infomocracy, . . . And Other Disasters, and The Mimicking of Known Successes author Malka Older. Enjoy!


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