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By purchasing a lifetime subscription to Fantasy, you’ll get a subscription that never ends…or, rather, a subscription that will last at least as long as you or the magazine does!

You’ll receive every issue of Fantasy as soon as it’s available, and you’ll get it in epub, mobi, and PDF format (so your subscription will be equally compatible with both Kindle and iPad and Nook, and most other ereaders).

But wait, there’s more! In addition to receiving every future issue of Fantasy, you’ll also receive a copy of every back issue of Fantasy. So if you lifetime subscribe in 2020, you’ll get every issue from #1 all the way up to the current issue, as well as all future issues. That’s right, every single issue of Fantasy ever published and ever released in the future—it’s a can’t miss proposition!

Lifetime subscriptions are a great way to support the magazine, and ensure you never miss an issue!

Price: $500.00