From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism



Celeste Rita Baker

Celeste Rita Baker

Celeste Rita BakerI’m a middle aged Black Caribbean woman from the Virgin Islands living in Harlem, New York City. I’ve been writing and not writing, thinking about writing and thinking about not writing for years now, hence my output is very low. I hope to pick up the pace, since, most probably, I no longer have ‘time longer dan rope.’

When I wrote Jumbie from Bordeaux, I called it a story, they called it magical realism. Another story of mine, Nobody, I consider to be horror, although it probably isn’t. The novel I’m dredging out now is speculative. Some people think Name Calling in Lightspeed’s People of Colo(u)r Destroy Fantasy special issue is fantasy. I think everything happens, somewhere, sometime.