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Recommended Reading: People of Color in Fantasy Literature

The following Recommended Reading List is the result of the Fantasy Roundtable on People of Color in Fantasy Literature. You can read it here:

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

The panelists recommended books by writers of color but also books that portray characters of color and non-American cultures with depth and intelligence. This particular book list is only a small slice of what is available. We suggest you also consult the Carl Brandon Awards shortlist and keep up with the participants, many of whom are also writers.

Recommended Reading – Fantasy Literature by People of Color and/or including PoC and diverse cultures

(titles in bold were published in 2007 and eligible for upcoming awards.)

We also recommend reading the works of the following authors:

  • L.A Banks
  • Francesca Lia Block
  • Tobias Buckell
  • Chitra Divakaruni
  • Hiromi Goto
  • A. H. Jennings
  • Larissa Lai
  • Yoon Ha Lee
  • Marjorie Liu
  • Mary Anne Mohanraj
  • R. Garcia y Robertson
  • Sheree R. Thomas
  • Eileen Wilks
  • Larry Yep