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Arley Sorg


Arley Sorg is a 2021 and a 2022 World Fantasy Award Finalist as well as a 2022 Locus Award Finalist for his work as co-Editor-in-Chief at Fantasy Magazine. Arley is a 2022 recipient of SFWA’s Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award. He is also a finalist for two 2022 Ignyte Awards: for his work as a critic as well as for his creative nonfiction. Arley is a senior editor at Locus Magazine, associate editor at both Lightspeed & Nightmare, and a columnist for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. He takes on multiple roles, including slush reader, movie reviewer, and book reviewer, and conducts interviews for multiple venues, including Clarkesworld Magazine and his own site: He has taught classes, run workshops, and been a guest for Clarion West, the Odyssey Writing Workshop, Cascade Writers, Augur Magazine, and more. Arley grew up in England, Hawaii, and Colorado, and studied Asian Religions at Pitzer College. He lives in the SF Bay Area and writes in local coffee shops when he can. Find him on Twitter @arleysorg. Arley is a 2014 Odyssey Writing Workshop graduate.

Christie Yant


A white middle-aged woman with pale skin, chin-length magenta hair, and tortoise-shell glasses

Christie Yant writes and edits science fiction and fantasy in the American mid-west. She is a World Fantasy Award and Locus Award finalist as co-editor of Fantasy Magazine; a consulting editor for Tordotcom’s acclaimed line of novellas; co-editor of four anthologies; editor of Women Destroy Science Fiction!, winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology; and the author of just enough published short stories that if you counted them up on your digits you’d probably have a toe left over. She has a website here: She presently attempts to balance her dayjob, writing life, and editing life with varying degrees of success.

John Joseph Adams


John Joseph Adams is the editor of John Joseph Adams Books, a science fiction and fantasy imprint from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. He is also the series editor of Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, as well as the bestselling editor of more than thirty anthologies, such as Wastelands, The Living Dead, and The Apocalypse Triptych. He is also the editor of the Hugo Award-winning Lightspeed and is a producer for WIRED’s The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast.

Adamant Press

Publishing Company

Adamant Press

Adamant Press is the publisher of the critically-acclaimed magazines Lightspeed, Nightmare, and Fantasy. It’s based in the American mid-west and is owned and operated by award-winning editors John Joseph Adams and Christie Yant. The name is a combination of Adam(s) + (Y)ant. Isn’t that clever? (Also, it means adamant. Because when we say we love SFF, we really, really mean it.)

Chloe Smith


Chloe Smith

Chloe Smith works as a 7th-grade English teacher, moonlights as a proofreader, and writes science fiction and fantasy stories whenever she can make the time. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she lived in Texas and Washington states, New York City, and rural France before coming back to California. She began proofreading for Locus Magazine in 2011 after interning there the previous summer. Her first published story is forthcoming in 2021 from Metaphorosis Magazine.

Anthony R. Cardno


Anthony R. Cardno calls northwest New Jersey home when he’s not traveling the country for his day-job as an instructor on regulatory compliance. In his spare time, he writes fiction and interviews real people. His short fiction has appeared in Willard & Maple, Sybil, and Full Throttle Space Tales. His short Christmas novel The Firflake is available through most online book retailers. He can usually be found on Twitter as @talekyn and interviewing various creative types on

Devin Marcus



Devin Marcus is a writer and editor whose love for spooks is, to his knowledge, unparalleled. He would love it if you sent him cool horror-related stuff on Twitter @DubbleOhDevin. He lives in Olympia with his partner and their handsome pupper, Emmett.

Phoebe Barton

Author Spotlight Interviewer

Phoebe Barton

Phoebe Barton is a queer trans science fiction writer. Her short fiction has appeared in venues such as AnalogLightspeed, and Kaleidotrope, and she wrote the interactive fiction game The Luminous Underground for Choice of Games. She serves as an Associate Editor at Escape Pod, is a 2019 graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop, and lives with a robot in the sky above Toronto.

Mayookh Barua

Author Spotlight Interviewer

Mayookh Barua

Mayookh Barua is a North Carolina-based writer from India who identifies as a proud queer man. His areas of focus mainly lie in and around art, queerness, cinema, and the politics of a family. He has previously published at Crooked Fagazine, Mezosfera Magazine, and District-Berlin.

Stefan Rudnicki

Podcast Producer

Stefan Rudnicki is an independent director, producer, narrator, and publisher of audiobooks. For his work, he has received more than a dozen Audie Awards from the Audio Publishers Association, a Ray Bradbury Award, a Bram Stoker Award, and GRAMMY Awards for the audiobooks The Children’s Shakespeare and Society’s Child. Outside of the audiobook industry, he’s probably best known for the dozen books he’s written or edited, from actor’s resource anthologies to a best-selling adaptation of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. He is president of Skyboat Media, the most respected independent audio production team on the West Coast. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Jim Freund

Podcast Post-Production Editor

Jim Freund has been involved in producing radio programs of and about literary sf/f since 1967, when he began working at New York City’s WBAI-FM at age 13. Jim has been sole host of the radio program, Hour of the Wolf, since 1974. Over the years, he has produced many radio dramas and lost track long ago of how many interviews and readings he has conducted. His work has been twice nominated for and was once a winner of the Major Armstrong Award for Excellence in Radio Production. Jim is currently Producer and Executive Curator of The New York Review of Science Fiction Readings in NYC. He has also dabbled (occasionally with great success) in producing for the New York stage. He occasionally maintains his website at and sporadically tweets as @JimFreund. A podcast of Hour of the Wolf is rumored to be forthcoming.

Clockpunk Studios


Clockpunk Studios is a web design company based in Lawrence, Kansas. They specialize in websites for authors, publishers, and small businesses, and are experts in WordPress design and development. Clockpunk Studios is run by writer Jeremiah Tolbert.