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Study, for Solo Piano

The windows go first, from enemy fire and bad frosts. Then the moss and ivy move in, and the birds, and the rain. At last, the brick begins to crumble. By the time the Circus comes, it will be a ruin.


The House of Gears

The notes had referred to a Monsieur Samhet, who lived in a strange house in the hills. They were vague about Samhet’s accomplishments, but he seemed capable of resurrecting with an insolent ease that intrigued Cabal.


Choose Your Own Adventure

Are you brave enough to begin? If so, turn to page 1. If not, remain safe. Close the book and return it to the shelf. No one will think any less of you.


The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr

One moment there was only the valley, caught in twilight. The only sounds were the cries of the mourning-birds coming out for the night, and the swift rush of water in the rocky stream that cut the woods.


The Dog King

Some say that they can rise up on two legs and speak as men, that nimble fingers can chip away at hinges, that their voices can call promises and pleas through keyholes, that they are not quite what they seem.


The Sandal-Bride

Pilgrims always cried when they crested the hill and saw the spires of Miruna; they usually fell to their knees right in the middle of traffic. All I saw was the gate that led to the Night Market.


Wishes and Feathers by Patricia Russo (audio)

This month’s audio fiction is Wishes and Features written by Patricia Russo and read by M. K. Hobson


The Sometimes Child by Caroline Yoachim (audio)

This month’s audio fiction is The Sometimes Child written by Caroline Yoachim and read by M. K. Hobson


Tenientes by Nathaniel Williams (audio)

This month’s audio fiction is Tenientes written by Nathaniel Williams and read by M. K. Hobson


The Armature of Flight by Sharon Mock (audio)

This month’s audio fiction is The Armature of Flight written by Sharon Mock and read by Mark Bukovec